What is Chapters?

The purpose of the Chapters campaign is to complete some needed work on our campus facility, completely retire our debt, and give 20% of collections to specific mission projects for our Touch the Word 2015 missions partners. At the conclusion of this campaign, we will enter 2017 with our campus master plan completed, all our debt eliminated and have a blank slate ready to accept God-sized assignments with little to no financial restrictions. Plus we will have greatly furthered along the mission work of many of our Touch the World 2015 partners! Making this vision a reality is a defining moment for our Church.

Mission Advancement - 1.5M (20% of Chapters Receipts)

Interested in our other missions opportunities?

Upcoming Mission Projects

  • Azores

    We are committed with financial and personnel resources to help Art Neilson and his team complete the construction on a children's camp in the Azores.

    MJK - $15,000 + Ansley $5,100

    Total Commitment = $120,000

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  • Urban Purpose

    Urban Purpose amazing things with the urban poor in downtown Birmingham. What they needed most, was a female staff member to work with homeless women.

    Cost: $30,000\year x 3 = $100,000

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  • Life Community

    Life Community Church has not had a church building for as long as they've been around. Until now.

    Purchase building + New Staff Member

    Total Commitment = $470,000

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Debt Elimination

$2.5M (33% of Chapters receipts)

"We can cover debt payments in our budget. We have faithfully managed our resources and are not in a debt crisis. However, our leadership's desire is to be debt free, so we want to sacrificially give for three years...and be debt free by 2017."
- Pastor, Danny Wood

Facility Improvement

$3.5M (47% of Chapters Receipts)

The church building itself is a tool to help touch the lives of the people of Birmingham and all over the world. We want to say thank you for your continued faithfulness.

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