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Preschool Resources


Being at home with a different schedule can cause anxiety and fear. Here are good resources to help you combat those feelings. 

  • Found Book is Psalm 23, which is great truth for our children. Click here to purchase it for your family!
  • Ellie Holcomb's books are great reminders of truth. Click here to purchase them.
  • Sissy Goff is a great resource. She has practical steps in dealing with children having fears. Click here to visit her website, but also follow her on Instagram, and she has tips for kids struggling.
  • Check out these good articles from Parent Cue. Click here to read!
  • Here's a great resource for at home lessons.
  • Free coloring pages from His Kids Company. Be sure to follow them on Instagram!
  • The Lego Challenge sounds super fun. Check it out!
  • Here are 10 indoor activities for family fun.
  • Here are some free resources for learning online at home!
  • The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden Facebook page has daily showings of different animals. Be sure to check them out.
  • The Hoover Library is streaming Storytime twice a day on their Facebook page.
  • Busy Toddler Instagram has so many different ideas to do with your children at home!
  • Prayer Prompt Coloring Pages can help identify feelings they might be feeling as well as how to talk to God about their situations. Check them out here!
  • Setting up a family devotion or worship time can be a great moment of peace and encouragement during your day. Here's an idea for how to do it.
  • Using half of a paper plate, paint, markers, streamers or yarn, help your child make Rainbow Wind Catcher to hang up outside. While making your wind catcher, remind your child about what a rainbow represents - God is faithful.
  • He Washed Us Clean is a great sensory activity designed to help your child understand what Jesus has done for us.


  • Worry Jar: If your children are talking about a lot of things that are making them fearful or anxious, write all the things on pieces of paper and put them in the Worry Jar. Once they are finished, pray together as a family. Remind them that the Lord sees them and they aren’t forgotten, even when they worry! Jesus cares about us, even we worry or not!
  • Your kids can make cookies for the neighbors or the postman. They might need to be reminded that Jesus loves them during these next few weeks!
  • Get some Jelly Beans or M&Ms and have your kids sort by color or they could see how long they can make a line of them. Remind me them that Jesus loves us all no matter color and loves us the longest that anyone has!
  • Turn on some fun music and have a dance party. You can even turn off the lights and have glow sticks to have a glow-in-the-dark dance party. Remind the kids that even when we can’t see Jesus, He still loves us!
  • Prayer Jar: Have your children throw out a few ideas of what they would like to be praying for during this season.  Grab a mason jar or cup and some popsicle sticks or strips of paper. Write down what the kids said. Set aside some time each day to sit down together and pray specifically for a topic as a family or encourage your children to stop by the jar throughout the day, pull out a stick, and say a prayer for that specific topic.
  • Creation Binoculars/Creation Walk: Tape two empty toilet paper rolls together.  Punch a hole in each side and attach yarn, allowing the binoculars to hang around your child’s neck. Take a creation walk with the binoculars and ask your child “What can you see that God made?” This is such a fun way to continue sharing with your child about God, the Creator.