• About NEXT

    The NEXT Initiative is a three-year season of focused sacrifice, spiritually and financially.

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    About NEXT

    Our NEXT Initiative is an ambitious church-wide endeavor unlike anything that we have done before. It is a time of getting uncomfortable and saying yes to trusting God with our future. It is a collective effort for us to respond as God’s people with faithful obedience to God’s call on our lives and our church. During the NEXT initiative, as we read the Bible, share the gospel, go on mission, and give sacrificially, we want to experience spiritual growth individually and physical renewal in our church facilities.

  • Purpose of NEXT

    The NEXT Initiative will remodel and repurpose the most used and most visible areas on our campus.

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    Purpose of NEXT

    The NEXT Initiative includes major plans to remodel and repurpose the most used and most visible areas on our campus: the Worship Center and the Lobby. Our desire is to sacrificially work together to usher these important, 29-year-old spaces into their next decades of ministry. But this NEXT initiative is more than that. Our prayer is that over the next three years we will see a significant gospel-driven transformation in each of our lives, as we encourage and challenge one another to take a brave next step forward.

  • Giving to NEXT

    The key for NEXT is not equal giving but equal participation from all Shades families.

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    Giving to NEXT

    The cornerstone of NEXT is not equal giving but equal sacrifice. We’ve developed resources to help you get creative in finding what you can sacrifice. Your gift enables the facility goals of this initiative and expands kingdom work in our community, city, continent, and world.

    NEXT Initiative Giving Goal: $10 million

    You can give to NEXT online or via the website.

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NEXT: The Time is Now

These are exciting days at Shades! There is a sense of compelling authenticity in our relationships, in our desire to eagerly welcome others, and in our overall response to the gospel.

Together, we are embracing the challenge to Live Sent. We are engaging in whole-hearted efforts to reach the neighborhoods in our community and the nations around the world with the truth that Jesus transforms lives. With this fresh perspective from recent years and more than a century of faithful ministry behind us, God is clearly calling us forward to what is NEXT.

About Next Goals

Read the Bible

Share the Gospel

Go on Mission

Give Sacrificially

Each component of the NEXT Initiative is outlined below, with both individual and church-wide benchmarks. These goals, along with some accompanying tools and resources, are meant for inspiration and accountability. 

While the initiative will span a total of three years, initial benchmarks have been set within the first two years. Basic details of the initiative are followed by a comprehensive list of facility objectives.

Prayerfully think about each section as you read and intentionally consider committing to what God has NEXT for you!

What are you waiting for?

Start Now

Imagine what God will do you in your life in the coming years if you commit to taking these next steps. Let’s join together as a church family and take our NEXT steps now!

  • Have I met with God today?

    NEXT Step: Read the Bible

    NEXT Goal: Over the next 2 years we want 2,000 people at Shades to meet with God daily by personally and regularly engaging the Bible.

    NEXT Step: Read through the Bible for 1 year using the Shades DGroup Bible reading plan or Chronological Bible reading plan.

    Reading Plans Coming Soon

  • Am I close to someone far from God?

    NEXT Step: Share the Gospel

    NEXT Goal: Over the next 2 years we want to have 10,000 gospel conversations with people who are far from God and pray for 250 to give their lives to Jesus.

    NEXT Step: Make one new friend who is far from God at least every 6 months and intentionally share the gospel with them.

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  • Is my passport current?

    NEXT Step: Go on Mission

    NEXT Goal: Over the next two years we want to send 3,000 people on mission to Live Sent globally, including 1,000 people for the first time.

    NEXT Step: Go on one domestic or international mission project over the next two years.

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  • Am I Giving or Taking?

    NEXT Step: Give Sacrificially

    NEXT Goal: Over the next three years we want to exceed budgeted giving and fully fund the NEXT Initiative.

    NEXT Step: Increase annual giving to Kingdom work through tithing and sacrificially supporting the NEXT Initiative.

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Necessary Maintenance and Improvements

  • Replace 30+ original HVAC units in the Lobby and floors 4-5 of the Worship Center
  • Update fire-alarm systems and add a fire suppression (sprinkler) system
  • Replace antiquated electrical fixtures with LED
  • Modernize technology (sound, lighting, video, etc.)
  • Expand restrooms and update to ADA compliance
  • Install new pews, flooring, paint, and furnishings for Worship Center and Lobby

Remodel the Worship Center

  • Increase Worship Center flexibility for a multi-service format, if ever desired in the future
  • Improve sight lines and allow for additional upfront seating by reducing the stage footprint
  • Remove the organ and choir loft, creating a more versatile flat stage – don’t worry we can still have a full choir and orchestra!
  • Remove visual obstructions in front of fan bank seating
  • Create a new, prominent baptistry at the center of the stage
  • Install 2 new video screens on either side of the baptistry to enhance visibility from fan banks and balcony
  • Install a multi-level ceiling above the new stage to create a more intimate setting
  • Gain additional lobby space by removing seats under the balcony and creating a new rear wall in the Worship Center

Repurpose the Lobby

  • Expand the Lobby by 30%
  • Create community spaces for fellowship on Sundays and throughout the week
  • Reconstruct the Lobby to provide more effective traffic patterns for multi-service and multi-use options
  • Create a new connection area for prayer, spiritual questions, salvation decisions, or questions about church membership following the Worship Service
  • Create enhanced space for special events (GIC, Live Sent Sunday, Carnival, etc.)

NEXT Initiative Giving Goal:

$10 million

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Construction will begin Monday, February 11, 2019, with the anticipated reopening slated for Sunday, August 11, 2019.