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Welcome to the estate planning pages. You have probably visited this site hoping to find information that will help you navigate sometimes intimidating issues such as reducing taxes or avoiding probate. Or you may be looking for guidance with regard to difficult inheritance issues, or how to give your family business the best chance to survive your death. You may even have wondered how to perpetuate your spiritual values through impact on ministries that have been meaningful to you and your family.

All this and more will be discussed in these pages. But a word of definition is important at the beginning. Our partners at PhilanthroCorp (a Christ-centered estate planning firm), are committed to the idea that estate planning for the believer is a spiritual process before it becomes a financial one. If you have questions or would like to talk with one of the experience estate planning specialists at PhilanthroCorp, call 800-876-7958.

At some level most of us understand that God owns it all…He has an irrevocable claim not just on the "stuff" of our lives, but upon us as well. One day we will return to live eternally with Him, and the things He has made us steward of will then be stewarded by others. It is this transition to others that is at the core of estate planning.

If the longing of your heart is to hear Him say "well done" as a steward, then read on or contact PhilanthroCorp at 800-876-7958. They, like you, desire nothing more than to be found faithful in this, the single most important act of stewardship any of us will ever undertake. Getting it right is worth the effort.

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