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Text to Give

To use this method of giving, simply text your gift amount to (205) 881-5050 and save the number to your smart phone for future giving. This easy and convenient way to give accepts debit/credit cards and electronic check donations directly from your bank account.  When you use Text to Give for the first time, you will be asked to register the debit/credit card or bank account that you would like to use for giving. You can give just once or schedule a recurring gift.

CAN I DESIGNATE GIFTS TO DIFFERENT FUNDS? Yes, gifts can be designated to certain funds through the use of keywords. A gift without a designation will be considered a gift for our general operating budget. The following keywords are available for designated giving opportunities. Other keywords may be introduced for special one-time giving opportunities.

Budget – “Tithe”, “Give”, “Budget”, no keyword used, or any unrecognized keyword 
Make Jesus Known – “MJK”, “Missions” – for gifts to support missions 

To make a designated gift, you can type in the gift amount and the keyword in any order. Type in the gift amount, space and then the keyword, like this: 250 MJK; or type in the keyword, space and then the gift amount, like this: mjk 250.

DO I HAVE TO USE A $ SYMBOL WHEN TYPING A GIFT AMOUNT? ARE KEYWORD DESIGNATIONS CASE SENSITIVE? The symbol is not necessary and nothing is case-sensitive. Gifts will work as 100, $100, $100.00, 100.00, etc.

WHAT IF I ACCIDENTALLY TYPE THE WRONG AMOUNT? Contact the Shades Finance Office at or call (205) 822-1670 and transactions will be corrected as soon as possible.

DOES IT COST ME ANYTHING TO MAKE A TEXT GIFT? Standard text messaging and data rates apply, just as when you send a text message or use the Internet.

HOW WILL I KNOW WHEN MY DEBIT OR CREDIT CARD IS CHARGED? You will receive both an email and a text message confirmation when your debit/credit card or bank account is charged. Your giving will be applied directly to your debit/credit card or bank account, not your phone bill. Charges will appear as Shades Mountain Baptist Church.

HOW DO I KNOW IT IS SECURE? Your personal and financial information is always encrypted and stored securely by the company we are using. No personal or financial information is transmitted via the text messaging process.

HOW WILL MY PHONE NUMBER BE USED? Your phone number will never be sold, traded or given out. You will only be texted with a confirmation of your giving and/or with a response to other requests you may make.

HOW CAN I EDIT MY ACCOUNT INFORMATION? You can make changes to your account by going to and logging into your account. Navigate to My Giving Profile and make changes to your account there.

WHAT IF I NEED ADDITIONAL SUPPORT? If you wish to close your account, change your phone number or if you have other support questions, contact the Finance Office at or call (205) 822-1670.