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How do I access Shades livestream?

You can watch us online by typing directly into the search bar of your web browser. Or you can find a link on the homepage of our website --- – by clicking the “Watch Now” link directly below our main image found in the screenshot below.

Is there anywhere else I can watch Shades’ services live?

Yes! You can now also watch our services on YouTube Live and Facebook Live.

How do I get the stream to display on my TV?

If you have a Smart TV, you can navigate to the YouTube and/or Facebook app. Open that, search for “Shades Mountain Baptist Church,” and you can watch our services live in either place.

If you do not own a Smart TV, the most universal way to make this happen is to find an HDMI cable and plug it from the HDMI port on your laptop or computer to the HDMI slot on your television. Your display should automatically appear, and you can expand your window to fit the display size. Sound should now work through your television also.

What if I have Apple TV? 

There are a couple ways you can access Shades online. You can either pull our livestream page up on any other Apple device you may have and airplay it to your television by clicking the airplay icon. 

Or you can open the YouTube app directly, search for “Shade Mountain Baptist Church,” and watch us live there. If you subscribe to our channel, you’ll be alerted when we go live each weekend.

But I have Roku…

If you use Roku in your household, you can access our services online by browsing to your YouTube app and searching for “Shades Mountain Baptist Church.” Our services will be live on our channel.

Wait, I have Amazon Fire Stick!

YouTube is a supported platform as well on Amazon Fire Sticks, so head on over to the YouTube App and subscribe to our channel! You’ll be notified when we go live.

And if you have Chromecast:

You guessed it! YouTube is supported natively on Chromecast. If you open YouTube on your phone or tablet device, search “Shades Mountain Baptist Church,” and subscribe to our channel. Click the Chromecast icon, select the name of your Chromecast, and it’ll appear on your television.

You’ll be alerted each time we go live as we move online.

If you still have further questions…

Follow us across social media and reach out to us. Our team will be monitoring our accounts continually and will be happy to help assist you as we transition church online during the next couple of weeks. Additionally, you can find any information you might need during this interim period at And lastly, you can email us at, and someone from our team will respond and be happy to help you.