2016 Party Platform Comparison

Posted by Jordan Cox

"I don't prefer either candidate, so I'm just not going to vote."

Hold that thought.

Last weekend, we embarked on a journey during which we'll hear sermons on each of our six measures of personal spiritual growth. Part of these next two months, parallel to a study of our measures, will be a time of concentrated fasting and prayer for our nation and November's presidential election.

This is a not a post to tell you for whom you should vote. It's not a post to spell out any specific political leanings we have as a church. (Hint: There are none.)

What we're challenging is that we all spend intentional time praying for our country. Praying for the person that will lead it through much of the next decade. Praying for the men and women who serve to protect the freedoms we have to vote and also to worship freely.

Our own Cameron Smith put together an incredibly useful guide for the platforms of both major political parties. It's not editorialized, nor does it have the opinions of Cameron or our pastor. This guide examines 22 major issues and summarizes with bullet points where each party falls on each issue.

Read it. Study it. Pray. Be an informed citizen, and vote for whomever you feel would be most loyal to their party's platform and which platform you feel most honors God.

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