How to Live Sent this Halloween

Posted by Shades Staff

Whether you are a fan of Halloween or not, it provides an opportunity unlike any other to reach out to your neighbors. What other day of the year do people come in groups to your front door?

Here are some practical ways to live sent this Halloween:

  • Pray: Prayer-walk the neighborhood before Halloween. Pray that you will meet people with whom you can share your story and God’s story.  
  • Answer the door:  Don’t be the house that turns out the lights and shuts the window blinds. Greet children and their parents warmly. 
  • Visit as many homes as you can: Visit every home that has a light on. Again, be warm and try to learn something about each one of your neighbors. 
  • Go trick-or-treating with other neighbors: Reach out to the parents in your neighborhood and ask if they would like to go as a group.
  • Give out the best: Be known as the house that goes above and beyond, giving out the best candy.
  • Do a reverse trick-or-treat: Go door-to-door and offer baked-goods with a note that says something like, It’s no trick! We are your neighbors, and we would love to get to know you! Include any contact information you would like to leave with them. 
  • Learn names: Write down names as you meet people. Remembering names will make it much easier to begin a conversation the next time you see them.
  • Serve the parents: Brainstorm creative ways to serve the parents. For instance, set up a hot chocolate and coffee station or give out bottles of water. 


Adapted from, “7 Ways to be Missional this Halloween.” by Todd Gattis published by