How God Can Use our Passions

Member Involvement

Posted by Kim Hancock

Do you feel guilty if you’re having fun?

Perhaps we need to define “fun” but in the world of church volunteering, people sometimes gravitate toward things that make them a little miserable as if having too much fun might make God frown.

Is this who you really think God is?

Someone who wants you to be miserable as you serve? Of course it isn’t! So why do we choose to live our life with this philosophy of service?

I remember a conversation with a woman about 40 years-old who was struggling to identify how God could use her. Our discussion led to a simple question:

“What do you enjoy doing?”

Without hesitation she shared that she loved taking pictures, but - and here was the kicker - she said, “God would never use that!”

What she didn’t realize is our church is always in need of volunteers who have the ability to capture “a thousand words” in one image. An amazing worship-filled moment happened when she realized God placed the love of photography inside of her as a way to draw others to Him.

Can you relate to her?

Psalm 37:4 says, “Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.

The word translated “delight” comes from a core word that means “to be brought up in luxury" or "to be pampered.” On rare occasions when I’ve been lucky enough to have time at a spa, the pampering provided mental restoration.

Imagine pampering yourself daily by spending time with God. Being in His presence provides spiritual restoration that stirs the deepest desires within us and then something beautiful happens … those desires bubble to the surface in the form of joy-filled purpose.

So what do you enjoy doing?

Digging in dirt? Decorating? Working with data? Organizing? Building something out of nothing?

Spend time pampering yourself in God’s presence, and ask Him to show you how to have joy in serving Him. You’ll find that He will open your eyes to ways to combine what you love to do and draw others to Him.

For more information on how to intersect what you love to do with serving God, email me or visit our Divinely Designed page.