Our Next Initiative

Posted by Danny Wood

At a church business meeting on Sunday night, April 22 our church family voted to approve the proposed Worship Center repurposing; and move forward in an initiative to raise the needed funds to complete the project.  The total amount authorized for construction will not exceed the amount pledged and previously committed without the prior approval of the Finance Committee, the Deacons, and the church body as a whole.

Project Details

Facility Design Objectives

  • Modify the Worship Center to better offer options for a multi-service format, if ever desired in the future.
    • The Worship Center needs to work for 1,000 people or 2,500 people.
    • Secondary spaces (Lobby/Commons Area) reconstructed to better function with multi-service and multi-use options.
  • Enhance functional space to meet modern needs.
    • Expand and improve restrooms (A.D.A. compliance).
    • Create community spaces for everyday fellowship. 
    • Create adequate staging room for multi-service venue options.
  • Modernize the spaces to be more cohesive with the other campus facilities.
    • Technology upgrades (sound, lighting, video, etc.).
    • Aesthetic upgrades (seating, finishes, etc.).
  • Address deferred maintenance items (facility is +/- 30 yrs old).
    • Replace original HVAC equipment.
    • Replace outdated electrical fixtures with LED.
    • Enhance fire-alarm systems and add a fire suppression (sprinkler) system.

Proposed Renovations

  • Expand the lobby/commons area into the existing Worship Center space located under the balcony.  The new rear wall fo the Worship Center will roughly align with the front edge of the balcony.
  • Reduce the footprint of the stage to improve site-lines and to allow for additional upfront seating without losing function.
  • Remove visual obstructions in front of fan bank seating.
  • Remove the organ and choir loft, creating a flat stage.
  • Create a new, prominent baptistry focal wall at the center of the stage.
  • Install 2 new video screens on either side of the baptistry focal wall to enhance views from fan bank and balcony.
  • Install a multi-level ceiling above the new stage to create a more intimate setting.
  • New paint, pews, flooring, and furnishings in the Worship Center and Lobby/Commons Area.

Project Timeline

  • September 2018: Presentation of final design and official initiative launch.
  • November 2018: Individual giving pledge commitments received.
  • January 2019: Pledged giving total announced and final vote on initiative.
  • February 2019: Construction phase begins.
  • August 2019: Construction phase complete.

Total Estimated Project Budget: $9,873,370 

* The above information represents design concepts and the overall intent of the project.  The budgets provided are based on April 2018 estimates and will be adjusted and finalized after the project design and engineering is completed.

Click the link below to read or download Frequently Asked Questions.

Our Next Initiative FAQ