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Kingdom Come | Mending of a Broken World

Posted in Worship  |  By Logan Creasy  |  Posted on Wed Dec 16, 2015

Below is the written poem of the narration from our short film, "Kingdom Come."


This, is my little kingdom. Fit with princesses, a queen, and a small territory of love and happiness.

And within this modest castle I’m called Daddy, not king. And the joy within this place would make angels sing.

And I can’t help but remember a story; familiar and true ... Of a greater One called father who by love His Kingdom rules.

Whose reign gave birth to affection. Whose mouth spoke kindness and grace. His Kingdom expressed in love. His rule our joy and strength.

For within His heart we see a love so true. The One who created this miracle, whose tree always bears fruit.

Towards you and me with every increasing zeal. Like a Father and His baby, his love for us is real.

And though King of all Creation, yet he bends his ear to hear. The voice of son and daughter, as His Kingdom draws near.

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Volunteer Spotlight | Art Davis

Posted in Uncategorized  |  By Jordan Cox  |  Posted on Thu Dec 3, 2015

Volunteer Spotlight | Art Davis

It's 8:50 on a Tuesday night. A volunteer sits behind a rented lighting desk in the technical production control room on the fifth floor of the Worship Center. Color swells over the stage as two men sit relaxed in the blackness of a dark room, the subtle hum of equipment accompanying their discussion.

Art Davis presses a few buttons and looks up, eyes staring observantly through the glass to examine the lighting designs he and Mark Sims, minister of student music and the arts, create.

Rehearsal for Christmas by Candlelight has just ended, but the night is just beginning for Davis. He, in tandem with Sims, will spend the next two hours writing cues for each song in the show.

"I got part of one song last night," Davis says. "We had 40 or 50 cues last night, where we just did 10."

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Member Involvement | How God can use our passions

Posted in Uncategorized  |  By Kim Hancock  |  Posted on Thu Nov 19, 2015

Member Involvement | How God can use our passions

Do you feel guilty if you’re having fun?

Perhaps we need to define “fun” but in the world of church volunteering, people sometimes gravitate toward things that make them a little miserable as if having too much fun might make God frown.

Is this who you really think God is?

Someone who wants you to be miserable as you serve? Of course it isn’t! So why do we choose to live our life with this philosophy of service?

I remember a conversation with a woman about 40 years-old who was struggling to identify how God could use her. Our discussion led to a simple question:

“What do you enjoy doing?”

Without hesitation she shared that she loved taking pictures, but - and here was the kicker - she said, “God would never use that!”

What she didn’t realize is our church is always in need of volunteers who have the ability to capture “a thousand words” in one image. An amazing worship-filled moment happened when she realized God placed the love of photography inside of her as a way to draw others to Him.

Can you relate to her?

Psalm 37:4 says, “Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.

The word translated “delight” comes from a core word that means “to be brought up in luxury" or "to be pampered.” On rare occasions when I’ve been lucky enough to have time at a spa, the pampering provided mental restoration.

Imagine pampering yourself daily by spending time with God. Being in His presence provides spiritual restoration that stirs the deepest desires within us and then something beautiful happens … those desires bubble to the surface in the form of joy-filled purpose.

So what do you enjoy doing?

Digging in dirt? Decorating? Working with data? Organizing? Building something out of nothing?

Spend time pampering yourself in God’s presence, and ask Him to show you how to have joy in serving Him. You’ll find that He will open your eyes to ways to combine what you love to do and draw others to Him.

For more information on how to intersect what you love to do with serving God, email me or visit our Divinely Designed page.

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Chapters Update | Living Hope

Posted in Missions  |  By Shades Staff  |  Posted on Thu Nov 5, 2015

Mrs. Frances Sharman | 52 years of service

Posted in Uncategorized  |  By Cynthia Moss  |  Posted on Tue Nov 3, 2015

Mrs. Frances Sharman | 52 years of service

As a young couple, Jim and Frances Sharman settled into Vestavia Hills in 1963 and set their eyes on a nearby church - Miller Chapel.

Under the pastorate of Dr. Carl Giers and during Miller Chapel's early beginnings, the Sharmans raised five children; three girls and two boys. Throughout their early family life, Frances and Jim found joy in serving. Jim taught adult Sunday School and served as a deacon and chairman of deacons, while Frances found her place teaching first grade children.

Today, a well-loved lady of 92 years, she taught first grade Sunday School at Shades for 52 years.

Even before coming to Shades, Sharman taught children at Lakewood Baptist Church and Woodlawn Baptist Church. From the first year she and Jim were married in 1941, she taught Sunday School for 74 years.

Just this past May did her family feel she needed to relinquish her weekly presence, yet she continues to serve from home -- and her computer.

Elaine Todd, who served alongside Sharman for many years, said the best way to communicate with Sharman remains to be email.

“In addition to connecting with other teachers, Sharman emails each absent child the weekly Bible verse to keep them current,” Todd said.

Sharman continues to help Todd with class bulletin boards, teaching, Sunday School activities, printing Bible verses, titles and wording from her computer. She is reportedly a big believer in always having a presentable bulletin board. Being very patriotic as well, she makes the most of red, white and blue decorations for Memorial Day and the 4th of July.

Kay Wood taught with Sharman during the 8:00 a.m. hour and said the children always come first with Sharman.

“If a child ever has a question or wants to say something, Sharman will pause to give them her full attention,” Wood said.

She also sends birthday cards, and each month the class celebrates birthdays with a plate of brownies. A picture of each birthday child is taken and developed the following week. The picture is then posted on the classroom door ready for the child to claim his or her picture and take it home.

Although she may not recognize it, Sharman is a teacher of teachers serving as mentor in the joys of teaching while modeling faithfulness and integrity in sharing the love of Jesus to children.

Teaching for well over a half century, Sharman has compiled a wealth of teaching tools, books, supplies and activities. Known to have a keen sense of organization and ability to compartmentalize all the resources she's gathered over the years, she willingly bequeaths those resources to future teachers securing her influence for generations.

Asking Sharman why she has taught children as long as she has, she simply says she “loves Jesus and wanted to teach young school children they could love Jesus too."

Averaging eight to 12 children each school year, Sharman has touched the lives of hundreds of children teaching the beloved stories of the Bible.

As a teacher friend lovingly expressed, "God is certainly going to say 'well done good and faithful servant.'" But until that time, Sharman will be sending emails and birthday cards, creating bulletin boards and sharing the love of Jesus every chance she gets.

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The Fergusons | A journey of God's faithfulness and love

Posted in Children  |  By Lauren Beck  |  Posted on Wed Oct 21, 2015

The Fergusons | A journey of God's faithfulness and love

The Lord’s hand is clearly evident in Mary’s journey.

When you meet Kay Ferguson, you immediately feel the love of God. When you hear her story about her daughter Mary, you feel the depths of God’s grace and mercy and see a wonderful testimony of His faithfulness and sovereignty.

In April of 1996, Kay was going about her normal duties at school. She spent time with kids at school, at church and at home with her two daughters.

During what seemed like a normal Friday afternoon, she received a call from a friend at Children’s Harbor Family Center. She was asked to come spend time with a baby in the local hospital that she knew nothing about but was in need of comfort.

There Kay and her eldest daughter Andrea found a fragile three month old baby, who bore battle scars from physical violence. Later they would learn that the boyfriend of the baby’s mother was responsible for her current state. While he claimed the baby had fallen from the sofa, doctors said the injuries that she bore were more reminiscent of a high-impact accident. The injury was so severe that part of her brain had to removed.

Andrea wanted to stay the night to care for the baby named Mary. Andrea ended up holding her all night because she was afraid that if she put Mary down, she would disconnect one of the many cords that were attached to Mary. Little did Andrea know at the time, some of the sores on her Mary’s body caused her to be unable to moderate her body temperature. By holding her all-night, Andrea helped Mary regulate her temperature by providing her comfort through physical contact. The doctor was amazed when he returned in the morning because he had not honestly expected Mary to live through the night.

The Department of Human Resources was not sure what should happen to Mary. Ideally, they wanted Mary to return to her hometown of Anniston, but her known family members didn't want her and the identity of her biological father was unknown.

Care for Mary was difficult; she had many doctors visits throughout the week. Early in her recovery, she was on a feeding tube and was completely blind. Mary had a strict regimen of medicine to help with her various medical issues, especially seizures.

Mary needed constant care which her biological family would not provide. Without anyone willing to care for her, DHR was looking to institutionalize Mary, meaning a loveless existence for Mary.

While DHR tried to decide where Mary should go, they allowed the Fergusons to care of her.

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Gifted | Finding renewed purpose in selling art

Posted in Adults  |  By Shades Staff  |  Posted on Tue Oct 13, 2015

Gifted | Finding renewed purpose in selling art

When you take yourself out of the race that the world of retail has created and instead rest in the reward of Christ with a selfless perspective, you'll be shocked at the difference it makes. Creating becomes an overflow of the heart and an act of worship.

For as long as I can remember, I've loved creating little pieces of something special to give to other people.

I made my mom countless "works of art" as a "birthday gift" every year for about ten years straight. I painted all of my closest friends canvases with Bible verses on them for graduation presents, and I even glued rocks on a piece of paper for my dad with the phrase "You Rock" one Father's Day.

That process of creating for a purpose - giving something you've created to someone you care for - it's a pretty great feeling.

Two years ago, I was able to sell some of my artwork at Gifted for the first time, and something just seemed to click. This was one of the first opportunities I had to sell for a purpose that was bigger than an individual.

A portion of the proceeds would go to benefit the Orphan Care Ministry at Shades. I began to see that I could take the gifts and abilities that God had given me a passion for and use them in a way to minister to and bless others. The thrill of each sale became less and less about the money I might make and more and more about contributing to a ministry.

There was a little bit of an anxious excitement in my process as I started to think about the products I could offer. I felt like in some small way, I was getting to use my work to live out James ‪1:27; and what a blessing to combine art, which I'm passionate about, with service, which I feel called to as a believer.

Let me just say, it changes your perspective. Each sale is no longer about the money you might make or the profit you get to see, it becomes about the blessing you might be able to pour out on some children who need homes and a loving family. Selling with a purpose really changed the way I work and brought to life Colossians 3:23-24 which says, "Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ."

This verse became my prayer as I created products to sell.

Those hours I spent creating were intended to serve God and bless others, not boost my own pride or make my name known. When you take yourself out of the race that the world of retail has created and instead rest in the reward of Christ with a selfless perspective, you'll be shocked at the difference it makes. Creating becomes an overflow of the heart and an act of worship.

I found that I could sell a product without the pressure of approval or the need to compare. I wanted my products to bring joy to the buyer and glory to God.

Selling with a purpose changed the way I defined success.

One thing I never saw coming was the relief of comparison when you begin to create and sell to the glory of God. We can look to the right or the left and see half a dozen people doing the same craft we do and think, "Wow, they are so much more talented than I am..." or, "Man, if I could just create like she does..." But those thoughts do nothing to inspire creativity or encourage your work. Those are thoughts that the enemy tells us to discourage our process and put the focus on ourselves.

When we look to God, the ultimate Creator, and find inspiration and purpose from Him, our work becomes so much greater.

Our efforts become a direct reflection of the gifts He's given us. When you start to put those products out there for others to see, you don't have to feel insecure or worried about what others have to offer. You can trust that God will use your efforts and that your work can bring glory to Him.

Selling a product becomes less about you and more about obedience to Him. That is one of the greatest gifts I've experienced in this process over the past few years.

I would encourage anyone who has the gift of creating to consider selling with the purpose of blessing others and serving God. I have found such joy in combining my passion with a greater purpose, and I pray that God would receive glory for as long as I'm able to create.

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dGroups | Fulfilling the purpose

Posted in Students  |  By Lesli Travis  |  Posted on Sun Sep 13, 2015

dGroups | Fulfilling the purpose

To know God and to make Him known is a statement of purpose for me as a follower of Jesus Christ.

I had never heard this, much less understood this, until I attended college. Through the encouragement of friends, I became involved in a campus ministry that provided biblical teaching and training. This teaching, guided by the Holy Spirit, would ultimately change my perspective of life and for life.

I began participating in a small bible study group we referred to as discipleship. I had one leader who invested her life into me and two other women in my group for all four of my college years. Through the sacrificial example of my group leader - and the faithfulness and accountability of my group members - I too became committed to pouring my life into others. This biblical lifestyle and process was and still is my life’s passion. Through this college relationship, I caught a glimpse of why discipleship was so important to God. It changes lives and creates a stronger desire to be more like Him and “to make God known” to the world.

As an adult, my husband and I have seen first-hand what the benefits are of being a part of an accountability and bible study group. These cultivated relationships are such that will last a lifetime. Our hope is that the importance we place on staying in an “iron sharpening iron” relationship will trickle down throughout our family.

We have had three children impacted by the process of discipleship. At Shades, we refer to it as a dGroup. Without a doubt, this ministry is one of the greatest opportunities for our students to grasp what Jesus has called them to be.

Our oldest son just graduated high school and was blessed to be in a group with the same fearless leader and group members from seventh through high school. He claims the consistency, the accountability and the content of his time with his dGroup was life-changing. My other children are currently involved in a discipleship relationship that continues to provide support (when needed), truth (when required) and fellowship (always). The fellowship, accountability, teaching and commitment that comes with dGroups is a perfect example of what Paul instructed Timothy to do in II Timothy 2:2:

And what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.

Our prayer for our children is that through dGroups, they will become better equipped and prepared to live according to God’s plan for their lives and that they too will pour their lives in to others, reaching the world for Christ.

Currently, with the help of a co-leader, I disciple a group of seven senior girls. It is one of my greatest joys in life.

To be able to use what the Lord taught me when I was younger is not only exciting but affirming that God never gets tired of using us as long as we are available to be used. You’ve probably heard the saying “Jesus ministered to the masses, but he discipled only a few." This sounds exclusive but Jesus spent all of His time with just a few because He knew the world could be changed by these disciples … living, eating and breathing Jesus. The entire world was changed through these few men that Jesus invested His life into.

I believe that each student that participates in dGroups will have this same impact on the world surrounding them. This is God’s great design for reaching the lost. We receive training from others and we give training to others so that they will continue this process for generations to come. dGroup emphasis at Shades has taken the biblical perspective of discipleship and planted it in the hearts of many.

Prayerfully, our students will take these principles and be changed by them. Why? So that they can fulfill the purpose, “To know God and to make Him known.”

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dGroups | A parent's perspective

Posted in Students  |  By Walter Church  |  Posted on Sun Sep 13, 2015

dGroups | A parent's perspective

In mid-August, my wife and I became empty nesters when our oldest son returned to college as a junior and our youngest son started his college career. In advance of each son leaving for college as a freshman, a flood of thoughts entered our minds.

Is he prepared for this next chapter in his life? Will he meet friends with character? Will he have academic success?

Even though the questions were very important, they did not worry us or distract us because we believed that God had prepared each son by using us, other family members, and people who invested in their lives through school, extra curricular activities and the Shades student ministry.

During middle school and high school, my sons regularly attended Shades, and they participated in many student events. From seventh grade until high school graduation, each son truly enjoyed his dGroup and benefited greatly from a committed leader who continually encouraged and taught each son to live like Christ even when facing difficult challenges, including the pressures and temptations of this world. Over the years, many in the dGroup became their closest friends.

As my sons progressed in age, my wife and I watched them grow in their Christian faith, including their desire to invest in younger students and friends who were not believers in Christ. We are truly grateful that dGroups emphasize this way of life that models Christ. Now, as college students, each son is actively involved in a discipleship group while regularly attending worship. As a parent, these choices bring great joy and gratitude.

More than a year ago, God convicted me to disciple younger students in addition to being a twelfth grade Sunday school teacher. So, last year, I accepted the challenge of leading a seventh grade discipleship group. Even with the busyness of life, the young men who were assigned to be in my dGroup blessed me by their energy, fun nature and general interest in Christ. I have no doubt that this year will be another great dGroup experience.

As we fast approach the first dGroup meeting of the year on Sunday, September 13, let’s never forget the call of Christ to be a disciple who makes disciples, and let’s faithfully pray for God to work in and through dGroups beyond anything that we can think or imagine.

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September 2015

Posted in From the Pastor  |  By Danny Wood  |  Posted on Thu Sep 3, 2015

September 2015

This Sunday we will continue our series “The Kingdom” and complete our “prequel” to the Sermon on the Mount. Then on the 13th we will begin studying these amazing three chapters in Matthew’s Gospel. The Sermon on the Mount deals with both our character and our conduct. It describes what human life and human community look like when they come under the gracious rule of God.

John Stott stated, “If the church realistically accepted Jesus’ standards and values as set forth, and lived by them, it would be the alternative society He always intended it to be, and would offer to the world an authentic Christian counter-culture.”

It is a call to be different … different from both the nominal church and the secular world, different from both the religious and the irreligious. This Christian counter-culture is the life of the Kingdom of God … a fully human life lived out under the divine rule.

This authentic, counter-culture kingdom life is the impetus for ManChurch on Sunday September 13 at 6 p.m. What a great night for the men of Shades to come together and worship and be challenged with God’s Word by John Croyle and Rick Burgess. And then at the end of the service have the opportunity to take tangible steps to follow through with commitments to grow deeper and to use spiritual gifts in service. I encourage all the men of Shades to make that a priority and be a part of a great movement of men stepping up and leading out!

These are exciting days at Shades! Weekly we are getting reports around the nation and around the world about the impact ministries are having that we support with our finances and our people. But you don’t have to get off our campus to see the impact. The last week of August we had over 500 college students on our campus on a Tuesday night for a pancake supper. Then on Wednesday night over 400 middle school and high school students heard a gospel presentation with 38 decisions. Then on Saturday we had over 500 participate in the Urban Purpose Challenge. Wow that is a lot of people on our campus hearing about Christ and seeing Christ lived out!

This past Sunday was a fitting conclusion to our church year (for reporting purposes to the Birmingham Baptist Association our year runs from September 1 to August 31. Our fiscal year runs from January to December) with the introduction of about 40 new members. This is our first year to require the Discover Shades class for membership and we had the greatest number of additions and baptisms in three years. Praise the Lord!

College football season is starting so enjoy your favorite team but, if possible, make plans to be here on Sunday!

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