An Update

Limited On-Campus Operations

Posted by Shades Staff

We have moved to limited on-campus operations at Shades. A very limited number of staff are working from our campus, and access for visitors is limited. Our ministry and work continues in a highly focused approach, but in large part is not done from church facilities.

Entrance doors to the campus remain locked during limited on-campus operations, and all visitor traffic is pointed to the North Entrance. The on-campus receptionist utilizes the video doorbell to interact with visitors and give entrance as needed. The doorbell is clearly labeled, with instructions. Anticipated visitors include those delivering contributions, seeking benevolence, or wanting ministerial counsel.

Our staff team continues to spearhead our ministry efforts, and stay intentionally connected with our church family and community. The mission before us is the same, as we increase our creativity in pursuing it. Any questions regarding this decision can be emailed to