Why VBS is More Than Just a Fun Event

Posted by Shades Staff

It takes hundreds of volunteers, months of planning, thousands of man-hours and it takes up nearly every inch of our church for an entire week.

Vacation Bible School is one of the greatest weeks in the life of our church. What other week are there nearly 1,000 kids gracing the halls of our campus?

We have the privilege of sharing the gospel with boys and girls who are eager to have fun and learn some incredible Biblical truths at the same time during the week of VBS. There is something special about an action-packed week at VBS that just builds excitement here at Shades. It’s a great reminder of the excitement we should have for God and His work in our lives every day!

We do have a significant goal, however.

Our goal at VBS is to bring as many children to Christ as possible.

Our VBS program is designed to teach the message of salvation and reach those who may not attend church on a regular basis. This should encourage our families to bring visitors. This should be relatively easy because VBS is FUN! In fact, that’s one of the main reasons I have always loved VBS! I get the opportunity to laugh and be silly with boys and girls of all ages as we transform our church into a pirate-themed landscape. Having fun is important – it shows children that loving God can be fun and exciting!

I want to ask you to pray for VBS.

First, ask God to lay on your heart the names of some individuals you need to invite to VBS at Shades. Then, begin praying for the boys and girls who will be in attendance – that God will prepare their hearts to fully understand how they can connect Biblical truths to their lives. We’re praying for God to show-off in some pretty big ways!

While it can be loud, messy, and it can get a little bit crazy – VBS is so worth it!