Everything affects the way we see the world. And no two people see the world the same. Age, gender, geography, race; they're all a different lens. But how does God want us to see the world? For God so loved the world -- His world, the one He created -- that He gave his only Son. 

God wants us to see the world through that lens: the lens of the Gospel. That regardless of your history, your income, education, or life experience, you can see His world through His Son and be equipped to share his truth. 

That a hurting world has hope. That a forgotten world is loved. That a broken world can be restored.

Lenses, weekly beginning August 17 at 6 p.m. in the D614.

Our lineup of speakers will discuss a diverse range of topics; from engaging culture to taxes, worship to politics. Some weeks you'll hear from one of our pastors here at Shades. Other weeks we'll bring in outside voices to lend their expertise and experience in helping us shape a holistic perspective of the world.

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More than listening to a fascinating lecture, the desire behind Lenses is to provide you with tangible resources to equip how you view and engage our culture. These resources are updated weekly. Sometimes the books, podcasts, and more found here will tie directly to the subject discussed in Lenses. Sometimes we'll post resources that are helpful regarding the broader topic of engaging our culture through a Biblical worldview.

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