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Access to the library’s media:

Anyone may view the library’s Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) by clicking here.  

To obtain a logon username and password to reserve or renew media, follow the directions at the OPAC logon box or email the librarian your request. 

Non-church members may become library patrons with the required contact information.


Until the library is fully open, checkout may be considered “curbside” by reserving media through OPAC:  Logon to OPAC, search for and select any desired item, then reserve the item by clicking on the Reserve box.  

You will be contacted when your requested media is ready, and you may pick it up on the table outside the library.  Your items will be held on the table or up to seven (7) days, after which time they will be returned to the stacks for others to use.

All library materials are checked out for two weeks at a time, and due dates normally fall on Sunday or Wednesday, when the church campus is open for worship services and Bible study. Any item may be checked out unless it is currently on reserve for another patron.  

Renewing media:

Materials may be renewed online through OPAC, by calling us at 205-822-1670, ext. 576, or by emailing your renewal request to the librarian.  Items that are on reserve for another patron may not be renewed.

Extending checkout time:

If you will need your media for an extended checkout time (for example, travel or study needs), email your request to the librarian.  However, if an item is on reserve for another patron, it may not be renewed or checked out for an extended period of time.

Reserving media:

When you reserve media on OPAC, you will be contacted when it becomes available. Until the library fully reopens, reserved media will be placed on a table outside of the library with your name on it.  Reserved items are held to be picked up for up to seven (7) days, after which time they will be returned to the stacks for others to use.

We appreciate our patrons' care of library materials and the return of library media in a timely manner. We do not charge fines for overdue items, but do appreciate overdue donations. All donations are used to purchase new materials for the library.

Checking in media:

Items may be returned anytime the church campus is open. There is a return drawer to the left of the library door and window. There is also a freestanding return box on the second floor of the Worship Center, to the left of the aquarium. Please do not leave library materials outside the library door when we are closed.