Single Adults

Young Professionals

Connecting Singles to God through the Gospel

The Young Professionals are a group of vibrant twenty-something and early thirty-somethings who are seeking to obey God where He’s placed them. As we navigate together the transitions of early adulthood, we minister to one another in Sunday School, Bible study, Discipleship Groups, Service, and social events. God has a call for each and every person’s life, and we hope to love one another and encourage one another towards obedience to that call.

Sunday School

Sunday School is a time to connect with others in the church in worship, in prayer, and in study. We meet each week at 11:00 in the Conference Center.

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This midweek class equips us to engage the world through the lends of the Gospel. From topics ranging from taxes to humor, we'll hear from great speakers and process questions with small groups.

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Discipleship Groups

The purpose of our discipleship groups is to nurture and grow in our faith in God and apply the Gospel to our lives through prayer, study, and discussion in a community of like-minded Christians. Groups are five to seven committed members that meet weekly.

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If you want to volunteer in this ministry but aren't sure where to begin, current volunteer opportunities are one button away.