Shades Mountain Baptist Church

Sunday School

On Sunday mornings we offer Bible study at 8:00 and 11:00 on the second floor (just below the Worship Center). Here kids study the Bible through relevant teaching, fun activities and fun fellowship with other kids and adults. The Journey curriculum presently has us on a chronological journey though the Bible where we meet fascinating Bible characters, study biblical events, and talk about how to apply biblical truth to our lives. Kids are also encouraged to memorize specific Bible verses as well as the books of the Bible.

Hand in Hand

We also have a Hand in Hand Ministry for children with Special Needs. Hand in Hand seeks to provide each child what is best for them while at church. Children have the option of remaining in a Hand in Hand classroom, or attending Sunday School with a buddy (a helper to assist them) during Sunday and Wednesday activities. For more information, please email Amy Kirby, our Special Needs Coordinator, or visit the Hand in Hand web page.