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The Recreation Ministry Staff will be responsible for interpretation and enforcement of all rules.

Policies and procedures are reviewed periodically by the Recreation Ministry Staff and may be augmented or altered.

Any situation not specifically covered in this list of policies will be acted upon at the discretion of the Recreation Ministry Staff.

Decisions made by the Recreation Ministry Staff are final.


Use of the Christian Life Center facility and all equipment will be at the risk of the participant.

Shades Mountain Baptist Church does not make any expressed or implied warranty of the premises, the equipment, machinery, fixtures or furniture.

Participants under the age of 55 are encouraged to consult their physician before participating in any physical activity at the Christian Life Center.

Participants age 55 and older are required to obtain the Medical Release Form signature from their physician.

No policy and procedure manual can address every possible circumstance or question regarding operation of the facility and programs. As the recreation ministry changes and grows, policies will change. We reserve the right to revise, supplement, and/or rescind any policies or portions of this manual as needed. Members will be notified of such changes within a reasonable amount of time as they occur.