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Bible Reading Plans for Student Ministry dGroups! (7th-12th Grade)

There are five options located below for the Bible reading plans. There are three levels to the Bible Reading plan, with a New Testament and Old Testament option for each.

The INTRO level is designed to give bite-size portions each week that allow for consistent reading without overwhelming the reader each week.

The BOOK level allows the reader to move through an entire book of the Bible in one semester. This encourages consistent reading as well as seeing a book of the Bible as an entire unit.

The 100-Day Reading plan is designed for two semesters worth of reading. If the reader can commit to five days a week of reading for the 10 weeks of the fall semester and the 10 weeks of spring semester, they will receive an overview of the key passages throughout all of scripture.

The REAP Journal is how we will discuss these reading plans week to week. Linked is also the document explaining how REAP breaks down!

INTRO-Old Testament

INTRO-New Testament

BOOK-Old Testament

BOOK-New Testament

100-Day Reading Plan