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Upcoming Bible Studies


Daniel WaltersBalancing Life’s Demands: Are you busy, tired, stressed out, and stretched to the limit' Does life seem a little out of control' Are you running long on 'to do's' and short on time' In Balancing Life's Demands you will learn how to put 'first things first' and find peace in the midst of pressure and adversity. No clichés or quick fixes, just practical biblical insights to help you order your personal world.  This Study will meet Wednesday nights at Shades at 6:00 PM - D540

Rick Burgess- Gospel of John: Learn more about the character of Jesus through one of the people that was closest to him disciple John. This study will meet at Rick and Bubba Studio on Wednesday afternoons at noon

Bruce Ely – Book of Genesis: John McArthur, This study includes close-up examinations of Adam, Eve, Cain, Abel, and Noah, as well as careful considerations of doctrinal themes such as "The Fall of Man"and "Heritage and Family." This study meets at the Colonnade Cracker Barrel on Wednesday mornings at 6:30 am

Route 1520Led by Traylor Lovvorn, Rob Shaw and Greg Olexa: True heart change takes place in genuine, transparent community and cannot be done in isolation. Route1520 Recovery Groups are for individuals struggling with pornography and sex addiction as well as their spouses. Our groups offer a place for individuals to find support, care, direction, and prayer in community with fellow strugglers. Meeting times are set within the group.

Bryan GunnPrayer:  Noon to 1:00 p.m. at the EBS Building, 2031 11th Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35205.

Rich Van Houton: Book of James: Learn more about Jesus through the eyes of his brother James.  Meets Saturday mornings at 8:30 a.m. at the Colonnade Edgars.

Steve Grissett - Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life by Donald Whitney: Spiritual discipline sounds great in theory, but putting it into practice takes time and determination! Updated and revised for a new generation, Whitney's guide reveals the importance of the disciplines; shows how they'll help you grow in godliness; and offers practical suggestions for cultivating them in your daily life. Includes in-depth discussions. This study meets on Tuesday nights 6:00 - D541

Bryan Gill - How to Be a Man: Learn from Real Men of the Bible: In the men of the Bible, we see an example of what it looks like to follow after God. We see men forced to grapple with their faith and how to live their lives in a world that often seems opposed to their values. We see them experiencing successes and failures. We see them taking stands for God. And we see them falling short of what God wants for them. In short, we see ourselves. This study meets Wednesday nights 6:00 - D634

Mark Carpenter - How to Read the Bible for all its Worth by Gordon Fee: Enjoy God's Word to the fullest! This classic reader-friendly manual, How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth, Fourth Edition, explains the different kinds of biblical literature - such as prophecy, Gospels, poetry, and history - so you can get the most from them. This study meets on Wednesday nights 6:00 - D613

Will Vanoy - Dream Again by Dusty Hammock: Do you feel “stuck” in seemingly impossible circumstances, trapped in a place that’s stale and exhausting? Are you a hopeless prisoner held captive behind the prison walls of missed opportunities, watching your dreams slowly evaporate and drift into obscurity? Are you in survival mode? No matter how many disappointments have come your way or how shipwrecked life has left you, don’t give up!  We are God’s creations; each of us is crafted for a purpose.  We began our journey as dreamers in a world filled with possibilities…  It’s time for you to dream again! - This study meets on Wednesday nights at 6:00 - D526