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Up-to-date directory of all men at Shades. Track events attended, strengths, leadership roles, birthdays, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc.

  • Software management
  • Integration of Men’s Database with Shades database, access
  • Identify leadership opportunities, Divinely Designed
  • Survey, Questionnaires: three to five questions on index card at events for participant feedback and acquiring new information for MoS database

Website, Media, Marketing

Current website content with calendar, events, men’s birthdays, pictures from events, access to above directory.

  • Leadership photos, contact information, videos, project updates
  • Facebook and Twitter pages
  • Design team for flyers, brochures, videos, posters, advertising, etc. for MoS events, branding
  • Photos, documentation of Men of Shades events such as 729, Men’s Gathering, prayer, CSM at GIC, missions trips
  • Coordinate with Ethan Milner, video team and Men of Shades
  • Coordinate with David Hicks on design, advertising needs for Men of Shades
  • Coordinator with Jordan Cox on web development needs for Men of Shades
  • Coordinate with Michael Adler and worship team for announcements
  • Blog: Ability for men to start “room” for discussion, Q&A, prayer, mentoring, or just for fun like sports, politics etc.
  • Newsletter: Men’s Newsletter sent to each man in church to include list of upcoming events, dates, copy of men’s calendar, birthdays that month, etc)

Small Groups

One person that champions Men of Shades from each of the 55 Sunday School classes. Groups to meet quarterly or bi-monthly where MoS leadership team pours into these men.

Event Planning

Planning of events, topics or dates by council. Follow up of booking, set up, travel arrangements, food, coordinating with other MoS chairs to ensure proper advertisement, organization, parking, marketing, etc. is covered.

  • Outdoors adventures
  • Sports
  • Barons Baseball
  • Paint Ball
  • Family Socials
  • Men’s Movie Night
  • Men’s Breakfast
  • Men’s Grid Iron Conference
  • ManChurch

Education, Service

  • 729: Monthly manual labor service project
  • Clean: Classes and book study to encourage, strengthen and support the mental and physical purity of men
  • Quarterly Bible Studies offered to Men of Shades
  • Greeter, Parking Ministry: Weekly greeters to greet visitors and assist elderly and handicapped to sanctuary. Assist with traffic control during major church events (including women’s events)
  • Save-a-Life Team: Group of men willing to receive an email or text from Save-A-Life whenever a boyfriend or husband shows up at the center with his girlfriend or wife and stop by and visit with them while they wait. These scared and lonely men also need direction, love and encouragement from other men that do not exist in their lives.
  • Route 1520: Confidential Sexual Addition Program
  • Driver Team: Men that are certified to drive busses and are available for Shades functions

    Visitation, Prayer

    Team called to serve and/or visit church members in need. Team to receive church hospital emails that staff and deacons currently receive.

    • Hospitals, widows, elderly
    • Prayer requests, prayer team, prayer walks, corporate prayer time

    Discipleship, Networking

    • Discipleship Groups: Tracking opportunities, connecting, following up, small groups, accountability groups, placement, etc. General networking for Men of Shades
    • New Membership Class Team: Ensure someone from MoS is at all new membership classes each month. Introduce self and greet each man as representative of MoS and reference the additional material in New Membership packet they are receiving during the meeting from the church.

    Get updated information to staff prior to class (monthly) to ensure flyer included in information package given to each new member.

    Personally follow up with new member after 3 weeks and 6 weeks of joining.

    • Job Change / Transition Class: Class for people who find themselves between employment or are currently unemployed.

    Weekly Bible Study Support group focused encouragement and based on scripture.

    Networking within church for potential job placement / opportunities

    Develop list of Men that have successfully gone through job transition and / or unemployment that are also available for one on one support

    • Deacon’s Minute: Update for Men of Shades at monthly deacon’s meetings.
    • Missions Team: Group of men focused on local and global Missions

    Recruitment for a Men of Shades specific Local Mission Trip each year

    Recruitment for a Men of Shades specific National Mission Trip each year

    Recruitment for a Men of Shades specific Global Mission Trip each year

    • GIC Support

    Set up of flags and flag poles in sanctuary prior to GIC

    Coordination of MOS greeter, parking ministry to have men available each night to work doors and parking lots

    Break down of flags and flag poles in sanctuary after to GIC