Preschool Ministry


As leaders and parents, we have a responsibility to lay a foundation of faith for newborns to kindergarten-aged children. We strive to teach them about Jesus and provide a Christian example for how to live our lives. We accomplish that through a variety of ministry opportunities for preschoolers and their families.

For questions or details on how you and your child can get involved, email our office, or call us at (205) 822-1670 ext. 513.

Come join us for all of our summer events. It will be a great summer with your family and community as we live sent! 

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First Time Visitors

We are so glad that you have chosen to visit Shades. We look forward to having your children with us and teaching them about Jesus!

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Our Programs

We offer many different activities during the week and year that we would love to have you join!

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Resources for Parents

Parents, this page exists to keep you informed on different areas of our ministry, as well as to provide useful information, encouragement, and support as you strive to raise your child to know and love God. We hope these resources are helpful to you as we join together in ministering to your child.

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If you want to volunteer in this ministry but aren't sure where to begin, current volunteer opportunities are one button away.