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Parents, this page exists to keep you informed on different areas of our ministry, as well as to provide useful information, encouragement, and support as you strive to raise your child to know and love God. We hope that these resources are helpful to you as we join together in ministering to your child.

Does your Child Have Allergies?

Keeping your child safe is very important to us. Please email the Preschool Office if your child has developed any new allergies or had any allergy changes that we should be aware of.

Parent Dedication

Parent Dedication is a ministry to the parents of newborns at Shades. Parent Dedication is a time for parents to commit to raise their children to love Jesus and to teach them to walk in His ways. It is a special time for the whole family and the Church to affirm its support of new families. Parent Dedication is held three times a year. Please email the Preschool Office for more information.

June Memory Verse

  • “Let us love one another." 1 John 4:7

What is my child learning in June?

Loving My Family

  • June 3: Jacob and Esau (Genesis 25:19-28)
  • June 10: An Unfair Trade (Genesis 25:27-34)
  • June 17: Jacob's Tricks (Genesis 27:1-45)
  • June 24: Esau Forgives Jacob (Genesis 32:3-21; 33:1-11)