Sports and Special Events

The CLC occasionally hosts special events throughout the year. Races, dodgeball nights, basketball leagues, cheer camps, we open our doors to events that influence our community.

2017/2018 Youth League Basketball

2017/2018 Youth League Basketball

Fall is that fun time of year when the weather cools off and pumpkin spice takes over. Maybe even more importantly, football and basketball are in full swing! As we look towards the 2017/2018 youth basketball schedule, we’ll see that there is a familiar opportunity to play basketball and a couple of new ones.

First is the familiar: we will have, right now, two teams in the Birmingham Youth Basketball League ( 1 for 9-12th grade boys, 1 for 7-8th grade boys, we’re on the waiting list for a 9-12th grade girls team so keep your fingers crossed!) as we have for the past several years. Guys interested in playing on these teams should submit the application (see attached) and their $25 registration fee by October 27. Games will start November 28 and will end February 13. Teams will have games once per week (Tuesday for middle school, Thursday for high school) at Dawson’s Recreation Center and a weekly practice to be scheduled by the team in the CLC.

Now the new: As we are continuing to discover what it means to be Live Sent in our community, why not explore being Live Sent while we play basketball? This year we are encouraging our church family to participate in the community and rec league basketball teams. This is a great opportunity to play and have fun, while also increasing your sphere to influence people (and teammates) for Christ. We are searching for willing coaches for these teams as well as students who will play.

One more new basketball option: A couple of years ago we built the outdoor basketball court at the pavilion. It has been a great place for people to play and has brought so many new people onto our campus. We’re happy for people to use our space, but we’d much prefer if we were stewarding that opportunity to build relationships and live sent among our neighbors. With that goal in mind, we are going to start having Open Gym Basketball groups that come in and play pickup games with our neighbors. We’ll be encouraging people to come inside to play basketball (especially as it starts to get dark sooner) and to have members of the Shades family that are here ready to play with our guests. 

2017 2018 Application

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