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KidsKamp 2017 Weekly Themes

May 30 - June 2: The Case of the Art Heist

Help! A very important piece of art has vanished and we need your help to find it! Kampers will use clues to track down our missing piece of art as we kick off the summer with our annual art week!

June 5-9: VBS- Spy Academy

Calling all recruits! Kids Kamp will participate with the church’s Vacation Bible School as we join the International Spy Academy. We’ll learn with our VBS recruits in the morning and then return back to the CLC for our afternoon spy tracks!

June 12-16: The Quest for Boldness

Who hasn’t ever felt shy or afraid to try something new? This week we will challenge ourselves to try new things and depend on God to help us through fun adventures and a variety of exciting activities. We’ll conquer fears, try new experiments, and boldly do what we’ve never done before!

June 19-23: MEGAWEEK - The Case of the Master Builder

Most of us have seen The Lego Movie and learned about builders who can make awesome things out of next to nothing. What if we could do that too? As we join with the Shades Children's Ministry Team this week, Kampers will use their imagination to create masterpieces from a variety of different building blocks like Legos, floam, and Lincoln logs! We’ll even learn that God can build with things seen and unseen to make the greatest masterpiece of all – our lives.

June 26-30: The Quest for Perseverance

Our sports week is one of the most popular weeks of the summer. Kids will enjoy a variety of traditional and unique sports activities and test their perseverance throughout the week. We’ll also learn about sportsmanship and endurance as we think about the One who fills our tank and makes us move.

July 5-7: The Case of the Funny Fruit

Have you ever seen a snake fruit? On the outside it has scales like a snake but on the inside is a soft, yummy, fruit. Very weird! Life is full of things that look one way but are actually very different. This week Kampers will explore the fruits of the spirit, and we’ll find there is a fun twist to each of them!

July 10-14: The Quest for Jubilee

An old cartoon used to start with the theme, “Happy, happy, joy, joy.” Where does joy come from and what does it have to do with jubilee? This week we will celebrate our many talents and blessings God gives us. We’ll see how we use music, drama, art, sports, and all things to bring jubilee to God and to others.

July 17-21: The Case of the Hidden Identity

The classic theater was based on comedy and tragedy. For our movie week this summer we will enjoy playing pretend, but ultimately learn how to take off our masks. Who has God created us to be? How will we use the gifts God has given us for His glory? This week we’ll find that our true identities are in Christ!

July 24-28: The Quest for Peace

This summer has been filled with lots of challenges as we’ve used our detective skills to learn more about who God has made us to be in Him. As we have a new challenge this week we will explore what it means to be on a quest to find the peace that comes only from God!

July 31 - August 4: Best of the Best  

This week we take some of the Kampers’ favorite activities throughout the summer and repeat them again for a double dose of fun!