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Student Leadership Team

Do you want to be a disciple who make disciples? Then apply for the UMIN Student Leadership Team (SLT). The SLT is the most potent form of discipleship that we offer as a ministry as you are both shepherded through a Discipleship Group and immersed through leading a Community Group of your own.

The primary role the SLT plays is leading a weekly Community Group. The SLT is also behind the scenes making the coffee (praise the Lord!), setting up for Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings, welcoming new students, and leading out in our small groups on Sundays.

So, you're interested in being a part of SLT, we want to know!

Here is how to apply for the 2017/2018 school year:

1.    Fill out application here. 

2.    Send your Community Group or Discipleship Group leader this reference form for them to fill out. (If you are in neither let us know by sending an email to

3.    Sign up for a time slot to interview with Kevin and Rachael.

Applications are due March 19. From there we will prayerfully read through the applications and interview with everyone before forming our SLT for 2017-18. We will notify you as to whether or not you have been accepted by early April.

We want YOU to apply for SLT! What is SLT you ask?

a. student leadership team
[stood-nt • lee-der-ship • teem]
1. a group of individuals who love Jesus and love to serve
2. a number of persons who serve umin by welcoming, attending events, making the coffee, setting up, tearing down, contributing to discussion in small groups, jumping in whenever a need arises and generally contributing to the ministry in any way needed. 
3. a group of people who love to include others and lead by example
4. community group leaders [see section b]

b. community group leaders
[kuh-myoo-ni-tee • groop • lee-ders] 
noun, plural
1. part of the SLT that leads our community groups on campus, in their apartments or around town 
2. a way to invest in other students and lead discussion in a low key, welcoming, gospel centered environment 
3. an extension of our ministry to welcome in other students and make disciples in their every day lives.

Student Leadership Pipeline

Most followers of Jesus want to grow in their love for him, love for others, and know how to help others do the same. But often the steps to growth in Christ are not clear. We want to help. We believe that the Student Leadership Pipeline is a tool through which the Holy Spirit can work the gospel deep down inside you. The Student Leadership Pipeline is how we as a ministry train and equip you to follow Jesus and help others do the same now as a college student and for the rest of your life.  
1. Birmingham Area College Student – We want to reach college students all across our city at all points in their college career – especially freshmen. The front door to UMIN is Sunday School. Join us in the Student Building every Sunday at 11:00AM for coffee and light breakfast and also an interactive time of bible study.
2. Join a Community Group – Community Groups are student-led small group bible studies that meet all across the city of Birmingham. They are open to students from any campus. This is the best way for others to not simply know your name but to know your life and for you to know others. 
3. Lead a Community Group – To grow as a disciple-maker you must give disciple-making a try. Community Groups are led by our Student Leaders. Any student involved in UMIN Sunday School and part of a Community Group can apply to join the Student Leadership Team each spring semester. 
4. Discipleship Group – As Student Leaders pour out into their Community Group we want to make sure they are being poured into as well. Discipleship Groups are for Student Leaders only and are made up of 4-6 students led by a Shades church member or UMIN staff member. These groups are closed and provide the most intensive discipleship and shepherding. 
5. Live Sent – We want to prepare you for a life of multiplying disciples and local church involvement wherever you end up after graduation.