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Missions Opportunities

Washington D.C. | March 15-19 

Join us in praying for our team of 10 headed to Washington D.C. March 15-19.


  • The city of Washington D.C. is largely shaped by which political candidate is in office and which political party is more prominent. With the recent election in November, nearly 95% of the city's population has experienced disappointment. They now look for hope and identity as their candidate has left office and their jobs are changing drastically.
  • The city is dark, but the need is plenty. Pray for the Gospel to be shared in this city. Pray for the light of Christ to be evident and noticed as people are drawn to the hope of the Gospel. Pray for opportunities to arise and conversations to begin that lead people to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. 


  • Greg and Grace along with their two children are in the process of establishing their church plant near Capitol Hill. Veritas Church will begin meeting this fall, but the work of spreading the word must be done now - with intention and conviction.
  • Pray for the Gibson family to find their strength and resolve in Jesus and the hope of the Gospel.
  • Pray for their work to be blessed by the Lord as they seek to share His name with the men and women of Washington. 
  • Pray for favor among the community and in the partnerships they are seeking to establish.
  • Pray protection over their family as they are raising children and sharing the Gospel in a very lost place.


  • Our team of ten will be spending five days with the Gibson family with the hope of spreading the word about the church and engaging in conversations with the people in the community.
  • Pray for God-ordained moments as the team serves during this trip.
  • Pray for the Gospel to be evident through the actions, conversations and attitudes of each team member.
  • Pray for unity among the team, that the enemy would not be able to root up any of the good seeds the Lord is planting through this ministry and that no competition, bitterness or anger would come between the team.
  • Pray for good health, safe travel, and steady protection over the team while they serve.

Upcoming Mission Opportunities 

Cannock, England | Create Church | July 6-17

Deadline to Apply: May 31 
Tentative Cost: $1500 or less
*All Shades international trips require a $250 Deposit with application

We will be returning for our third year to serve with Create Church in Cannock, England. We have had the opportunity to walk alongside Steve and Beth (and now baby Isla) for many years as they have started their church in Cannock and watched the Lord faithfully bless their obedience. We will spend the week helping with Phase Two of construction to their new facilities, working in the local elementary school doing VBS-Style activities and sharing the Gospel, and encouraging the members of Create Church as they serve a lost, un-gospeled community. We are able to take 6-8 students total.

Interested in Serving With Us? 

Fill out an application and email to Rachael by the deadline to apply for each trip. 

The total amount for each trip must be paid in full the day you leave for the trip. We'll have a few training meetings before leaving also, so you'll have all the details you could ever need!