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Tuesday Morning Studies


  • By Beth Moore • Led by Bonnie Shields
  • Begins September 12 • Meets Bi-Weekly at 9:15 a.m. • CLC Fireside Room

We were never meant to take this journey of faith alone or in secret. God has entrusted us with the great and mighty gift of the gospel, something too precious and life-giving to keep to ourselves.

In this 6-session Bible study, Beth will encourage you to guard what God has entrusted to you, further His kingdom by sharing Christ with others, and pour into future generations just as Paul once mentored Timothy. Because in this journey of joy and hardship, we need each other to stay the course and live lives of faithfulness.

Tuesday Night Studies

The Friends of Jesus

  • By Karen Kingsbury • Led by Pat Musselwhite
  • Begins August 29  • Meets Bi-Weekly at 6:30 p.m. • CLC Fireside Room

After a life of loneliness, Simon the Leper discovered true friendship with Jesus and became a person full of gratitude. Martha is known for her busyness and work ethic, but she also learned to worship through her friendship with Jesus. Saturated in legalism, Jairus was a religious and synagogue leader who learned much more about his beliefs and what it means to value relationships over religion. Mary Magdalene came to personally know her Savior, Jesus. Her life then was marked by devotion as a friend and follower of Jesus. And, Peter, a man of both faith and failure, challenges the reader to step up after failure and become a person of obedience and commitment to Jesus. Finally, the Bible study closes with the life and friendship of John. This beloved disciple and friend of Jesus begins his journey with Jesus as one of the sons of thunder, but transforms into a man marked by humility and love. 

All six of these friends of Jesus bring a variety of experiences and examples that show the ups and downs of friendship – and remind us that true friendship is worth the time and commitment involved through those challenging and joyful times. Most of all, this Bible study reminds readers that Jesus is the greatest friend they could ever have. He is your Savior and your Lord, now make Him your friend..

Wednesday Morning Study

Childcare is available with reservations by contacting Mary Beth Adams

Stronger: Finding Hope in the Fragile Places

  • By Angela Thomas • Led by Cynthia Moss
  • Begins September 6• Meets Weekly at 9:00 a.m. • Dobbins 623

God is stronger and a vital, passionate relationship with Him is the only means by which you and I will become stronger", writes Angela. This study builds a biblical foundation to search for answers to questions like: How do we know God is stronger than everything?, How does God make His people stronger? How does the Bible teach us to receive God's promised strength?  What needs to change in me so that I may live in the strength God promises to provide?  Chapters include "God is stronger than my overwhelming life",. "God is stronger than my attitude", and "God is stronger than every broken thing in me." 

Wednesday Night Studies


  • By  • Led by Lynn Garnett
  • Begins August 16 • Meets Weekly at 6:00 p.m. • Dobbins 623

Inductive Bible study is a method that encourages the reader to use logic and reasoning to extract (draw out) what a text is actually saying in an objective and systematic way.  We’ll use Observation, Interpretation and Application to thoroughly examine the facts and particulars of the passage, dig out the meaning and context and finally take the truths that God reveals during our personal study and apply them to our life.

The book of James gives down-to-earth teachings on how to deal with temptation, curb the tongue, pray with effective power, and demonstrate faith through acts of kindness.  He offers simple practical, moral and ethical instructions to believers to help them stay on course in the call for righteous living through sanctification.