Measures tangibly identify how we're doing in our disciple-making

Measures - When are we successful?

Everyone wants to know what truly matters in life. Measures outline the characteristics of a person who is achieving the mission. Think of the measures as Shades’ portrait of a disciple. As a church, we want more than numbers, attendance, and information. We desire transformation – that’s why we say “sending transformed people.” Our measures identify the target we aim towards both as a church and as individuals.

  • Have I met with God today?
  • Am I giving or taking?
  • Who are my 2 AM friends?
  • Am I close to someone far from God?
  • Is my passport current?
  • What am I waiting for?
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    This sermon series examines what we believe is the portrait of a model disciple. Measures help us identify who is living the mission.

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