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Stocks/Bonds/Mutual Funds

Thank you for your interest in gifting securities to support the Lord’s work at Shades. Gifts of appreciated stock can allow donors to deduct the full current value of transferred stock, avoid long-term capital gains tax, and avoid the healthcare tax on net investment income.

To transfer stocks/bonds/funds/etc... to Shades, please provide your broker/firm with our broker information below AND contact the office of Shades Minister of Administration, either by clicking here or by phone (205) 822-1670, in order to provide us in advance with the amount (#shares), stock/bond/fund name, and your desired use(s) of your gift (Budget, MJK, Building).

Provide the following information to your broker/brokerage firm:

RBC Capital Markets
Clearing #0235
Account #87110268
Broker Contact: Monica @ (205) 583-3670

Don’t forget to contact our Finance Department to let us know of your stock gift and how you would like the funds to be used (Budget, MJK, etc).

Real Estate / Other Assets

Please contact our Finance Department for further information if you are interested in making a gift of real estate or some other tangible asset.

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