Child Protection Policy Child Protection Policy

Child Protection at Shades

Providing a safe, loving, and encouraging environment for children, newborn through high school, is a top priority at Shades. Since 2003 we have had measures in place to screen workers and to implement protocols that prevent opportunities for physical, sexual, or emotional abuse. Recently, our Child Protection Team revised the existing policy to reflect changes in facilities, in technology, and in best practices to preventing abuse. Please take time to read it over. 

Beginning January 2020, all current and new volunteers who serve with minors, or where minors are present, will need to complete a new volunteer protocol.  This process includes five steps:

  1. Volunteer application
  2. Background check 
  3. Awareness training
  4. Reference endorsement
  5. Personal follow-up meeting

The first step is the application and can be accessed below. 

Any questions about the policy or application process can be directed to the Office of the Executive Pastor by emailing or by calling (205) 822-1670.

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