Excitement in Birmingham

Posted by Danny Wood

In this week's update, Pastor Danny Wood talks about the resources available through HomePoint, the declining COVID numbers in our area, and the final week of our sermon series. Take a look!

Hello Church!

I hope that everyone fared okay during the wintery weather this week. Nothing like a little snow and ice to create some excitement in Birmingham.

This past Sunday at the end of the worship service, I mentioned HomePoint, a really great resource we have for Shades families. HomePoint is a library of materials on every life phase and most aspects of family life—singles to grandparents, praying for teenagers, navigating marriage, bringing home a new baby, praying for teenagers, caring for aging parents, praying for teenagers … I think you’ve got my drift! HomePoint offers materials with information on how to approach all these phases and circumstances from a biblical perspective.  

If you’re looking for suggestions on how to engage members of your family more purposefully, check out the Pointers and Ideas from HomePoint. You can find the HomePoint materials right outside the Worship Center along the walls in the Connection Center. This Sunday, before or after worship, take some time to check it out and pick up some pamphlets. You can also access all the HomePoint “pointers” on our website at There is something there for everyone.

I am very encouraged by the decreasing COVID numbers in our area; fewer folks are testing positive and more folks are getting vaccinated. In fact, Janice and I got our first shot on February 2 and will get our second on March 2. And I thank you, the Shades family, for staying the course of wearing masks, keeping socially distant, and protecting one another! Things are heading in the right direction, and that’s good news.  

Even better news is that as a result of all those things, we are able to plan more events on campus. There is a LOT going on around here, and we love it! Student and College Worship Wednesdays are resuming. Single Adults are gathering again on Monday nights. Men’s and Women’s Bible studies are in full swing. Children are training as Bible Ninjas! It doesn’t get much better than that! It feels good to have the campus humming with activity.  

So that we can keep things moving in the right direction, we will continue to keep an eye on the numbers and we will continue to wear masks. As one Shades dad told his seven-year-old daughter, “Wearing your mask is one way you can love your neighbor.” It won’t be forever. I promise, one day soon, I will get to see your whole face … and I am hoping it is before August 15th!

Hey, this Sunday is the last week of our sermon series “It’s All About the One.” As we wrap up this series, we will look at passages in the books of Matthew and I Corinthians and examine our One Mission. During this week let’s continue praying for our nation and praying for our pastor search process. The Birmingham weekend weather forecast looks good, so I look forward to seeing you Sunday, either in-person or online.