Hope in Uncertainty

Posted by Danny Wood

It's hard to believe it's time to talk about Christmas, but before we announce some exciting plans, we have some other things to make you aware of. Take a look at this week's update from Pastor Danny!

Hello Church family!

If you had to describe the year 2020 in one word, I think one of the options would be the word “uncertainty.” This uncertainty from the elections to the economy to unrest in our cities to the unpredictability of COVID-19 has resulted in fear and discouragement. This Sunday I will begin a four-week series in the Book of Psalms entitled Hope in Times of Uncertainty. We will look at four Psalms that will give us God’s word on how to handle delays, uncertainties, and the ups and downs of life while reassuring us that in the midst of all these challenges, God gives us hope.

Now on this Sunday we will not only begin a new sermon series, but we will also have a reception for Jacob and Suzanne Simmons, thanking them for their service to Shades and sending them off to Hope Community Church with the love and support of their Shades family. Jacob has been part of our staff here for five years, and has served well as Minister to Single Adults and Pastoral Care. On Sunday morning, right after each service, Jacob and Suzanne will be in the Concourse and you’ll have a chance to wish them well. Then, the following Sunday, the 15th, Jacob will preach at Hope Community Church for the first time and it will be a special time for pastor and people!

Believe it or not, it’s already time to talk about Christmas! This has been a crazy year when we all are making adjustments in many areas of our lives and Christmas at Shades is not an exception … it just was not going to be possible to do Christmas around here the way we usually do. So months ago, our worship arts and production teams began thinking about alternatives. The result: Hope is Alive … an hour-long Christmas special to be televised one month from now on Sunday evening, December 6th, at 5:00 on Fox 6! The program will feature lots of Shades musical talent, familiar faces sharing thoughts and stories, as well as recording artists, Drew and Elle Holcomb. Folks, we’ve never done anything quite like this before and it is going to be fantastic! In addition to the broadcast on December 6, Lifeway will be distributing the program across the country and the world throughout December. This is going to be a great vehicle for us to share the good news of the savior’s birth in a whole new way.

Every week I get encouraged by how many of you I see on campus in worship, Sunday school, and Bible studies—there is nothing like fellowship and face-to-face (mask-to-mask) conversations. Now that we are gathering again, we don’t want to forget to scatter … to go out into our schools, our neighborhoods, our jobs, and influence our world for Christ. This is going to be another great week and I look forward to seeing you Sunday—either in person or online!