Kingdom Come

Mending of a Broken World

Posted by Shades Staff

Below is the written poem of the narration from our short film, "Kingdom Come."


This, is my little kingdom. Fit with princesses, a queen, and a small territory of love and happiness.

And within this modest castle I’m called Daddy, not king. And the joy within this place would make angels sing.

And I can’t help but remember a story; familiar and true ... Of a greater One called father who by love His Kingdom rules.

Whose reign gave birth to affection. Whose mouth spoke kindness and grace. His Kingdom expressed in love. His rule our joy and strength.

For within His heart we see a love so true. The One who created this miracle, whose tree always bears fruit.

Towards you and me with every increasing zeal. Like a Father and His baby, his love for us is real.

And though King of all Creation, yet he bends his ear to hear. The voice of son and daughter, as His Kingdom draws near.


What happened in a moment that caused this upside down?

This turn of such proportion, a crash the final sound. And in a single second joy and laughter ceased. And now throughout this kingdom, this home has lost its peace.

And Summer turns to Winter all because of Fall. And the leaves float from a tree that once grew tall.

As clouds replace sunshine and bleak the night begins. And relationship is broken and sorrow grows within.

And I find in my heart the question, “Is this my fault as well?” Is this the product of my rebellion against your crown?

And passed down from generation the penalty of eating from a tree. And ever since we’ve all been broken, a world upon its knees.

What can we do when all our hope seems lost? Are we left with only memories of a world we’ve long forgot?

What happened to love and laughter, is there another story to tell?

Is your Kingdom lost forever, or will you pursue us still?


For through the voice of prophets you foretold of One to come. Who would bring good news of great joy and peace to everyone.

And you spoke through the voice of an angel telling a little girl. That she would be the mother of God for all the world.

In a field of lowly shepherds a proclamation made. Of One who mends the broken, of a King now come to save.

Whose name is God with us, who will never leave us alone. In the tiny town of Bethlehem the love of God now shown.

And its in this very moment where God became a man. We see the heart of a Father, the King in glorious plan.

To reconcile the sinner, salvation for all to tell. His Kingdom now returning, O Come! Emmanuel!


What is this love? The love of a father? It pursues the errant daughter and moves to reconcile.

And mends what once was broken and forgives this little child. And now my kingdom is healed as loves turns back this curse.

Because the King of all Creation forgave and loved me first.

So come all saints and sinners, the noble and the poor. And hear of life eternal found in a little boy.

For unto us a child is born, to us a son is given.

A Mighty God, the Prince of Peace, the very King of Heaven. Who came and lived a perfect life for all who would believe. And died on a cross yet rose again, now reigns eternally.

And He who sits upon the throne is making all things new. A light to those in darkness, His name is Faithful and True.

And throughout the ages salvation for all has come from Heav’n above. For the kingdoms of this world has become the Kingdom of our God.

And we will sing the victory and await the day to dawn. For we believe that He is God and now His Kingdom Come.

To watch the short film, click here.