Let's Pray!

Posted by Tim Wheat

Years ago I read “The Power of Prayer and the Prayer of Power” by a recognized prayer leader named R.A. Torrey. It was written back in the 1920s, and yet it was still powerful and relevant to my life in the 90s. I was particularly drawn to one of the chapters, “How to Pray so as to get What You Ask.” I know some of you are stopping right now and googling that book … or maybe just that chapter! Even some 30 years later, I can remember much of the outline as it was taken straight from Acts 12:5. Peter was miraculously released from prison because of the prayers offered on his behalf. Acts 12:5 outlines four things about prayer: 

  • It's earnest
  • It's specific
  • It's corporate
  • It's God-directed 

In short, God is more inclined to step into situations when the church comes together, with a surrendered heart, earnestly seeking the face of the Father, specifically asking for something. God moves and responds in a powerful way.

For some months we have been seeking to do that very thing. Thank you for your willingness and responsiveness to pray the 4 Ps (pastors, process, personnel, people) on behalf of the next pastor for Shades Mountain. We have asked everyone to set reminders on their phone or watch to pray at 8:15 am or pm to align with Pastor Danny’s last Sunday on August 15. We have engaged in numerous prayer groups, some large, some small, some online, and some in person. We have had a week-long emphasis of prayer for the search process in which 224 people were involved in scheduled prayer times from 6 am until 10 pm for seven days. This week, members of the Pastor Transition Prayer Team have written posts around praying the 4 Ps. The church has earnestly sought and specifically asked for guidance, clarity, agreement, conviction, and favor in the search process. God has heard and God is responding! 

Wednesday, June 2nd is another prayer time. This is different than the others yet in alignment with the same objective. We will gather, in-person, as a large group to worship and pray from 6:30-7:15 pm in the Conference Center. There will be something unique and different in this time of prayer that has been unlike the other prayer times so our hope is that you will be there if you can. However, if you can’t make it, please mark that time and take a moment to join with us in “spirit” and pray wherever you may at that time. Claiming Acts 12:5, we know that our prayer will have power as God sees, He hears, He responds, and He will be glorified!