Preschool Volunteer Stories

Posted by Sarah Kent

I'm reminded of how God has designed His church to function, working together to serve one another. One important way this happens is in worship care. Taking care of our preschoolers on Sunday mornings allows for many parents to get a much needed break to meet with God in the service, but it also begins planting vital seeds of the Gospel in the lives of our kids. 

I get volunteering can seem like a big commitment, though. But don't just take it from me, take it from those who are impacted by this ministry. We have stories below from Grace Johnson, who felt a desire to serve at Shades and found preschool ministry; Denise Black and Kat Powell, who talk about generational service; and Josh Clarke, who encourages us to be the church, and that taking care of babies is actually way more than taking care of babies. Take a look!

We have been encouraged to hear from several of you who desire to serve in this ministry once or twice a month, but we could still use more volunteers. To sign up for worship care, click the button below and help us serve all the young families of our church.

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