Shades Equipping Center

Following Jesus in the Everyday-ness of Life

Posted by Bradley Patton

In January, we launched a new ministry called the Shades Equipping Center. As a church, we want to send transformed people to influence their world for Christ. The Equipping Center helps us answer the question: “How do we become transformed people?”

Romans 12:1-2 says that we are, “transformed by the renewal of our minds that by testing we may discern what is the will of God – what is good, acceptable, and perfect.” But transformation is challenging because we live in a time and place where Biblical illiteracy is rampant, marriages and families are being torn apart, Christian beliefs are challenged in the public square, and the influence of the church seems to be fading.

Here are two ways the Equipping Center helps you follow Jesus in the everyday-ness of life:

Even in a changing culture, we still believe Bible engagement matters and we want to equip you to know the biblical storyline and be transformed by it. We want you to be able to articulate basic Christian beliefs. We want you to have a growing spiritual life. That’s why we started Foundations classes on the Biblical Storyline, Christian Belief, and Spiritual Growth. Whether you’re new to the faith or have been in church all your life but still want to grow in these areas, you’ll benefit from these classes.

We also believe marriage and the family are critical for society, and we want marriages and families in our church to thrive. Whatever home looks like for you, we believe it is the primary place discipleship happens. It begins with making our homes places of intimacy and joy. That’s why we started HomePoint, which provide resources to make following Jesus at home easier and more likely.

We believe Shades can, by God’s grace, be a significant influence for Christ in our community. The world around us might seem chaotic, but Jesus hasn’t given up on his church. We haven’t given up either. And we won’t give up. Wherever you find yourself in life, the Equipping Center exists to help you follow Jesus in the everyday-ness of life.

These are just two ways the Equipping Center “equips” you. Find out more about everything we’re doing at