There's Something for Everyone

Posted by Danny Wood

In his weekly update to our church family, Pastor Danny highlights a jam-packed May. Check it out!

Hello Church!

As much as we are enjoying the Spring, summer is just around the corner and that
means – Vacation Bible School! Yes just over 5 weeks from now, June, 7th through the 11th, our church campus will be filled with kids of all ages ready to have some fun and dig deep into God’s word and learn more about his love for them! To make it all happen though, we need YOU. VBS doesn’t happen without lots of volunteers preparing snacks, teaching bible stores, leading music, coordinating crafts—there is something for everyone. So head over to our website and sign up to help out! You will be a blessing to others and at the same time you too will be blessed.

Now let’s talk PowerLunch. Our last PowerLunch of the year will be Tuesday, May
11. And to finish things up in style, we are bringing the LUNCH back to PowerLunch! On the 11th, we will meet IN PERSON. One more time IN PERSON in the Conference Center, have a meal together, give away some great stuff, and I will bring one more leadership message. The cost is still just $5 and as, always, I promise to get you in and out in an hour. It really will be a special day being back together. You can find the registration link at

I hope you are continuing to pray for the pastor search process. The committee has been working hard these past few weeks, evaluating a slate of candidates, listening to tons of sermons, and paring down the list. It is so important that we keep praying for the 4 P’s:

  • For the process and the search committee – this is a consuming endeavor and we want them to feel supported and encouraged.
  • For the pastors – for Janice and me as we walk through these last few monthsat Shades and for the new pastor as he feels the stirring in his heart for THIS church.
  • For the personnel – our staff who are keeping things going, serving the Shades family and ministering to folks throughout our area and beyond.
  • And for the people – pray for one another. Support and encourage each other. Stay connected and unified in this season of change.

This Wednesday, May 5th, we will have another online prayer gathering focused on the search for a new pastor. Plan now to join us over Zoom from 6:30-7:30 on the 5th. The link to join the meeting is at 

This Sunday we will be walking through Numbers 11 – 14 seeing how the pressure of the early wilderness wanderings and journey toward the new Promised Land brought about so many pressures of change, stress, and the unknown which required higher levels of trust in God. The way people and leaders responded to this increasing pressure and what God’s response was to them will have transferrable principles for us as we live in a constantly changing world that results in building pressure. 

Hey, I love being your pastor, and as always, I look forward to seeing you this Sunday—either in person or online!