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Being in Christ-centered community in college can foster spiritual growth in some of the most formative years of your life. DGroups provide an opportunity for weekly gospel dialogue, transparent friendship, and seeking the lost in your circles of influence. We would love for you to take part in this incredible opportunity by joining a DGroup and growing in your relationship with the Lord in gospel-centered community.

College DGroups aim to mirror adult DGroups, but with a few minor changes. Freshman groups begin in mid-October after Fall Retreat and are co-led by an upperclassmen and an adult. Sophomore, junior, and senior groups are led by adults and begin in September.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When you sign up you will be asked which days are best for you and you will be placed in a group accordingly. Groups will be meeting at various times throughout the week.

We cannot guarantee that you will be in a group with all of your friends, however, if you are available on the same day, it may end up that you are in the same group. It is possible, but not a guarantee.

We understand that things happen and sometimes unavoidable conflicts arise. However, in the covenant, you commit to being present at weekly meetings. If you have to miss a meeting, you will by no means be removed from the group, but we do ask that you prioritize the weekly meetings. If attendance, or lack there of, becomes an issue for the group, then we would be happy to discuss the issue.

As a Sophomore, Junior, or Senior, you have the opportunity to lead a Freshman DGroup and we would love for you to! However, we do require you to have been a part of a DGroup the previous year.

Eleos Parties are based off of Matthew 9:9-13. The idea is that each person invites their “one” to this party/get together so that they can experience community and therefore experience Christ in a beautiful way. This is by no means a bait and switch. We are not aiming to trick someone into coming to these parties so that we can instantly share the gospel with them. Rather, this is an opportunity to invite unbelievers into gospel-centered community with the intention of continuing to build relationships with them, meeting each other’s “ones” and allowing them to see the difference in the way believers live on a regular and casual basis in community with one another.