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Together: Preparation for Marriage

Together, our premarital ministry at Shades, is designed to provide engaged couples an opportunity to prepare for marriage in the context of community. Together will walk you through common opportunities and challenges in marriage from a biblical perspective.

Class dynamics include…

  • large group, topic-based teaching
  • individual counseling session for each couple
  • weekly, topic-oriented homework
  • an arsenal of helpful resources

Please contact Bradley Patton for more information.

Sunday School

We know it can be easy to get lost in the mix at a large church. Sunday School is where we make the big, small. Getting involved with a Sunday School class is the best way to find community at Shades.

Nearly/Newlywed Sunday School:

Offered at 10:30 a.m., these classes are for engaged couples or for those who are newly married. This class concentrates on building a healthy, biblical marriage and utilizes the Foundations of Marriage curriculum. The class material is worked through every nine months, so these classes are not meant to be permanent. Once you have gone through the curriculum once or twice (9-18 months) it is best to transition into one of the Married Young Adult classes.

For more details about the classes, contact Bradley Patton.