Shades College


Shades College exists to reach college students, grow them as disciple-making disciples, and send them to influence their world for Christ. 

Tuesday Nights

Tuesday Nights | 7:30 PM | Student Building

Do you find yourself asking “what is life all about?” This is an opportunity to see how the truth of Scripture answers that question and the follow up question, “what should I do with my life?” Whether it is your first time or fortieth time, College Worship is an amazing way to experience Shades College and see how the truth of Scripture connects to your everyday life. 

Sunday Lunch & Family Groups

Sundays | 11:45 AM | Student Building

Everyone has to eat lunch, why not do it with friends? Sunday Lunch is an opportunity to build gospel centered community through food and fellowship. After we eat, we break up into Family Groups for Bible-based discussion. Family Groups exist for care, community, and challenge. This is for both the non-believer, new believer, or maturing disciple. The food is free and there’s plenty for everyone, so bring a friend!

Growth Groups


Discipleship is a must in the life of a believer. Growth Groups are a rhythm of our Family Groups. They provide a space for deep friendship, high accountability, and Spirit led transformation. The purpose of these groups is to become rooted in God’s Word and committed to a growing relationship with Jesus. Contact Ben Baber for more info.

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