April 14-18

April 14-18, 2021

The Global Impact Celebration (GIC) is the single largest missions event at Shades and is one the most exciting weeks in the life of our church. At GIC, missionaries, church planters, and mission organizations from around the world visit with us so we can learn from them, care for them, and discover ways to participate with them. Whether you are seeking to discover how we influence the world through missions or desiring to join a mission, this week will challenge and inspire everyone to better understand the mission of God.

It is the time of year where you are given the opportunity to make financial and life commitments to Make Jesus Known.   If you completed and turned in the Commitment Card mailed to your house, please do not complete the online version below.  (Either the physical card or online card is needed)

If you choose to complete the online version, please click on BOTH links below.

Financial Faith Commitment

Life Commitment


The past year-plus has held many uncertainties and changes for us, where it seems as if we're all trying to hold life together. The Lord was with us in the chaos, and we discovered he did some pretty amazing things in 2020. Now, as we look to a new chapter, we believe it's time to refocus.

"Now those who were scattered went about preaching the Word." Acts 8:4

We spent 12 months adapting, learning, adjusting. Masks and social distancing. Simply trying to survive. But it's time to refocus on reaching our world for Christ. It won't be easy, though. During GIC 2021, we're going to look at what it means to be committed to scattering across the world for the sake of the Gospel.

Click the link below to download our prayer guide and begin praying for our missionaries!

Prayer Guide


Global Impact Celebration is full of gatherings, forums, lunches, and other ways for you to get to know our ministry partners and also take part in celebrating what God is doing around the world. We encourage you attend as much as you can throughout the week.

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You and your family can serve the Birmingham area with Sunday School classes, GIC missionaries, and church planters. If you are not involved in a Sunday School class, and want to take part in one of these projects, register through: