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Sending Transformed Students to Influence Their World for Christ

DGroup Registration

If you're interested in diving in deeper relationship with God and others, DGroups is the perfect place for you. It's how we connect with others on an intentional level. You'll group up with five to seven students in your same grade and of your same gender for weekly time focused in the Bible. You'll be led by someone in a life stage ahead of you, and it's a great way to begin forming the foundation of discipleship in your life. To register for DGroups, click the button below!

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Better Together

Our new Sunday schedule has begun. We will meet for Sunday School at 9:00 AM and attend worship at 10:30 AM. 

  • High School meets in the CLC gymnasium 
  • Middle School meets in the Student Building Worship Room

For more details, click the link below!

Better Together


We minister to 7th through 12th graders, and we believe they can live as transformed students who influence their world for Christ. Our aim is to care for students as they navigate an increasingly complex world, to foster community amongst their peers, and to cultivate commitment in nearness to God.

We want to hear from and connect with you! There are tons of ways you can link up with us, but let's be honest, it all happens on social media. Click the link below to follow us!


Middle School

At Shades, we believe in planting seeds of the Gospel from the youngest ages in our family, but middle school is really where we start to see young people flourish. Our team believes these years are formative to laying the foundation of mature disciples of Jesus Christ. We want to partner with you and your student in helping them love Jesus more.

Take a look below at how you can get involved!

Middle School Ministry

High School

The forces of culture are pushing in on teenagers today, and we want to be a student ministry that doesn't tell our students to withdraw and disengage from the world, but rather a ministry which equips our high schoolers to walk out in confidence, knowing who they are in Christ and how to boldly walk with Jesus.

Our team wants to connect with you! Be sure to follow us on Instagram, but to learn more about how we minister to high school students, click below!

High School Ministry

If you want to volunteer in this ministry but aren't sure where to begin, current volunteer opportunities are one button away.