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Men of Shades Ambassadors

The Men of Shades is structured along the lines of how Jethro advised Moses to organize to lead the people of Israel (Exodus 18). The Men of Shades Leadership (MoS) Team is led by the MoS Director. The Leadership Team is made up of five to eight men. The Ambassadors are the voice of the Men of Shades in the church, especially through Sunday School classes. The Ambassadors are made up of a minimum of one representative from each Sunday School class and church ministry area. The Men of Shades are here to serve and lead the men of Shades Mountain Baptist Church to meet with God, connect with others, and live with purpose. The Ambassador role is a critical leadership position within the MoS. We represent MoS in our Sunday School classes and ministry areas within the church, keeping the men around us engaged with MoS opportunities, and encouraging them to become the men of God that He is calling them to be. We see the Lord at work blessing and sanctifying the Men of Shades and want to ensure its growth and necessity to our faith family. 

Ambassador Expectations 

  • Ambassadors experience ManChurch and Men’s Bible studies
  • Attend four meetings annually on Sunday afternoons to receive updates on MoS direction and upcoming activities. 
  • Carry the MoS mission to your class/ministry area and the men in your circle of influence. 
  • Forward emails and make contacts with your SS Class/Leadership area and whomever the Holy Spirit prompts you.

Project 729

Project 729 is a service project one Saturday per month that assists church members or people in the community with projects around their house. The service project begins at 7:00 AM and ends promptly at 9:00 a.m. For more information or to get involved in Project 729, email Greg Olexa.