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Midweek Students (6th-12th Grade)

Midweek Students is all about connecting the truth with everyday life. We believe that the Bible speaks to the challenges and issues our students are facing. At Midweek Students, our desire is to talk openly about the issues of our world and how they can engage them with truth and love.

Middle School Midweek

Join us in the Community Life Center every Wednesday from 6-7PM, pizza begins at 5:45PM. Come early to play Ping Pong, Pop-Shot Basketball, Air Hockey and more!!

High School Midweek

High School will meet each week in the Student Building every Wednesday from 7-8:15PM. This will be a special time of fellowship and worship. Come and join us!

Middle School

Here at Shades, we want to invite Middle Schoolers (Grades 6-8th) to understand their identity, place, and purpose through what the Bible says about them. We would love to have you on Sundays at 9am in the Community Life Center for Sunday School and for Midweek on Wednesdays in the Community Life Center from 6-7pm. 

Sunday School


Our team wants to connect with you! Be sure to follow us on Instagram or email Michael Miller, Associate Minister to Middle School.


We were not made to go through life alone - life is better together! Discipleship Groups is where we study the Bible and learn to trust one another as we walk through life day by day together.

A DGroup consists of five to seven students of the same grade and gender and a leader who is a step ahead in life.

If you would like more information about DGroups, please contact Kelly McCollum.

Contact Kelly

For More Information You Can Email Us At:StudentInfo@Shades.org

If you want to volunteer in this ministry but aren't sure where to begin, current volunteer opportunities are one button away.