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**This team is full! Registration for the trip has closed.**

This group will work with IMB church planters and local pastors to do discipleship training and broad evangelism in the city.

Project Info:

Date: June 28- July 6, 2022
Approximate Cost: TBD
Team Size: 13 people


We will need people to work in evangelism, discipleship (pastor education), pharmacy, medical examination (doctors, nurses and PAs), women’s hygiene and education, and children’s ministry. Additionally we will need people who are skilled in organizing a kitchen and cooking. There is truly a place for everyone.

Project Info:

Date: June 3 - June 19, 2022
Approximate Cost: 2,200
Team Size: TBD


Medical/eye/evangelism mission trip to support a Baptist church in a hurting neighborhood outside of Santiago, Atitlan, Guatemala. Meeting a physical need can open the door for us to minister to the deeper, eternal spiritual needs.

Project Info:

Date: June 25 - July 2
Approximate Cost: 1750
Team Size: 12-15

Boston, MA

We will be working with Shades partner Steven Castello and City on a Hill church to host a community-wide Vacation Bible School. Volunteers are needed to work in various capacities with children grades 1-6. Our group will also participate in other community activities, as well as prayer walk the areas around City on a Hill.

Project Info:

Date: July 25-29
Approximate Cost: 1200
Team Size: 10-12 people


This group will do light construction work at the Baptist village, as well as partner with local missionaries to do prayer walking and evangelism

Project Info:

Date: Sept. 10-19, 2022
Approximate Cost: TBD
Team Size: 8-10 people

Salt Lake City, UT

This team will assist Make Jesus Known partner Ben Heile and Hope Church with community service and community prayer activities

Project Info:

Date: Fall 2022
Approximate Cost: TBD
Team Size: 6-8 people