Preschool Ministry

Shepherding and Loving Newborns through Kindergartners

September 13: Sunday School begins!

Sunday School for preschool/children will be at 9 AM and registration is required each week.   

Within the registration form you can register your preschool and children up through 6th grade for Worship Care (preschool), Children’s Worship (1st-2nd grade) and Sunday School. Each child has to be registered separately. **Please close your browser window after registration is complete as it will continue to register duplicates for your child(ren). 

Click HERE for the Better Together page. The registration link is located there and will be updated weekly.

Please email Sarah Kent if you have any questions regarding registration.

To view our current Health and Wellness Policy as well as our COVID-19 Policy to adhere to, CLICK HERE.

Preschool Pack of Fun! | October

Families, we want to be able to provide you with items to help supplement your time at home during this season. The Preschool Package of Fun will be mailed out each month with activities, crafts and things for you as parents. We need you to SIGN UP if you want to participate! We look forward to being able to help provide some resources during this season! 

The deadline to register for October’s package is September 25th!

Sunday Morning childcare may look different than usual, please CLICK HERE to look at what we are doing to better care for the safety of the preschoolers on our floor and volunteers serving. If you're interested in volunteering with us, click the button below to learn more!


If you have any questions please reach out to Sarah Kent, Minister to Preschool.


We are so glad that you have chosen to visit Shades. We look forward to having your children with us and teaching them about Jesus! If you are visiting us on Sunday morning for the first time, please check-in at the Welcome Desk on the first floor of the Worship Center.

Check-In and Security

The Preschool Staff at Shades cares about your child's safety. Each of our adult volunteers goes through a screening process to ensure your child's safety while at church. We strive to protect your child to the best of our ability while they are under our care. One way we care for your child is by the use of a computer check-in system.

This check-in system allows us to carefully monitor who picks up your child from his or her classroom. Each time a child checks in, a randomly generated four character code is printed on the child's name tag and must be matched with the corresponding ticket in order for the child to picked up from the classroom.

Our Programs

We offer many different activities during the week and year that we would love to have you join!

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Resources for Parents

Parents, this page exists to keep you informed on different areas of our ministry, as well as to provide useful information, encouragement, and support as you strive to raise your child to know and love God. We hope these resources are helpful to you as we join together in ministering to your child.

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If you want to volunteer in this ministry but aren't sure where to begin, current volunteer opportunities are one button away.