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What is Table?

When we started the idea of Table, it really came from a place of wanting to bring some of our ladies together from all ages and stages of life. In a church our size, we need to build community within our Sunday School classes, but then we can get to the point where we don't know anyone outside of those groups. There are so many other wonderful women you might not have the opportunity to meet that we want to introduce you to. What better way to do it than around a table? That’s what we are hoping Table will do; offer women a time to come together, share some food, share their stories, and share their lives.

How does Table work?

Acts 2:46 says, "Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts ..."

Table is simply this: 2 hours, 4 meetings, 6 women.

  • Four weeks meeting ... can be weekly or bi-weekly.
  • We like to keep the groups to six to eight people total to including the hostess ... we have found this is the best number.
  • We ask you to remember everything said at Table to be confidential. What happens at Table, stays at Table.
  • Everyone will not agree on everything. You don't have to convince each other, but instead listen to each other.
  • Remember that you are gathering around a table face-to-face, not FaceTime to FaceTime. Please refrain from cellphone use as much as possible.
  • We would love for these groups to create other groups ... being disciples who make disciples, that's what Jesus called us to do

If this sounds like something you'd love, you can contact Anna Brown for more information.